Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm alive.

What's new?  LOTS!  So so much.  I'm just popping in to say HELLO, I'M ALIVE.  Life is...well crazy.  

I went to Korea for 3 months.

Made some new friends, ate pizza on the street, took lots of photos.  


Wrote poetry:

Came back to Canada 2 weeks earlier than anticipated because of some health issues.  

Started teaching ESL at the university again.  

My outfit on the first day.

I LOVE my job.  It's exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.

Tossed the thesis aside for a bit.  Bah!  

Started asking serious life questions like: what's my purpose?  what happens when I die?  

See serious contemplation!

Started reading the Qur'an.  Have a new circle of lovely Muslim ladies that I'm happy to call my friends.  No, I'm not Muslim, but I go to the Friday prayer (it's like the Sunday church service but for Muslims) at the university and I LOVE it.

I turned 30 in Korea.  Had an international birthday with friends from around the world.

I (heart) culture!

I'm writing.  A LOT.  Just not on this blog.  I have a desktop folder called LIFE'S LESSONS and I don't often share what's inside.  It's deep...philosophical, complex - which is where my mind seems to be these days.

Here's my face as of late!

NOT DEAD, but questioning...struggling...finding my way!

Oh, I got new glasses :)