Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Sun

I saw this picture on FB and stopped for a moment to enjoy its beauty.

The sun, it peeks through spaces, at moments when you least expect it to, just long enough to remind you of the beauty in this world. 

Hold on to these moments. Cherish them. Feel them in your heart, for they will become memories. 

We have cracks in our hearts for a reason: to let the sun in.

~ Jennifer Burton

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Religion; thank-you dad

The brush of life, it has touched my heart -- I live for these moments.  I seek them.  Or maybe they seek me.

I just finished another 20 page literature review.  I've got one more to do and about 8 days to do it.  In the meantime, I've written a few personal pieces of poetry and a couple short stories.  These writings, I've only shared them with a select few.  In doing this, I have brought these people to tears.

I have a gift.  I can touch people's hearts with my words.

I feel so very blessed.

Speaking of tears -- in this quest for knowledge, I have found religion, or maybe it was with me this whole time.  I am not ready to define or set limits on what I am or am not.  And the search, it will continue, but yesterday I was given a gift that brought me to tears.

On top of that, two days ago I received the best gift I could from my father: a letter -- from his heart to mine.

Thank-you dad.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The start, the end, the beginning, the middle, the everywhere, the nowhere, the uncomfortable space in-between...

In the past couple of months I've gone through some major life transitions.  If you follow me on Facebook or are my friend in real life you'd probably sense this.  In this process, I've been ripped to my very core.  I'm exposed from the inside out.  I've felt raw emotions that I've never ever experienced.  I let myself sit in these emotions.  I give myself permission to feel them, to let them mold me into something new.

Have you ever watched yourself in the mirror when you cry?  You should.  It's a beautiful thing!

The thing I'm playing with most is my vulnerability.  And let me say this: it takes A LOT of courage to be vulnerable.  This journey of discover is scary, BUT never in my life have I felt so ALIVE.    

An accumulation of several things has brought me to this point:  a death in the family, dealing with living away from my spouse, a change of direction in my university studies, the realization that I'm leaving for Korea in a month, the recent friends who have joined me in this process, the different way I look at feel the world.

In these moments, I'm able to harness a type of energy that is truly transformational.  I'm playing with poetry.  And I'm really living.  Today I walked a little slower, laughed a little longer, and breathed a bit deeper.

It seems the older I get, the less I have figured out!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Submitted the first draft of my 41 page proposal to my supervisor on Friday.  I should get it back from her sometime this week to work on round two.  I have a feeling I'm really going to HATE the editing part!  I thoroughly enjoyed the reading but struggled much more than I usually do with the writing.  Either way, I did the best I could.  Now I've got 1 month to work on edits, and write 2 literature reviews for another class.

I've had my nose buried in the books for the past month.  This past weekend I went dancing to celebrate.  I had a blast!!

Back to the grind I go.