Sunday, December 09, 2012

She's cool like that!

Have you ever met a blogger in real life?  I mean someone that you follow online first and then have the chance to meet in person?


I've been meaning to write this post for a long while because it's been long overdue.

Her name is Jolene.  She's smart (wrapping up her Master's as an A+ student in just over a YEAR! -- dude, it's gonna take me a year to decide on a topic).  She's got a full-time job (as a teacher).  She makes the most delicious looking meals (don't believe me? check here -- she even makes kimchi, KIMCHI....yup, that's right....pretty sure my mother-in-law would LOVE her too.  And my husband!!)

Anyways, I've met Jolene twice.  She's even cooler in person.  And we're kind of completely opposite but still the same.  She's neat and tidy and organized and efficient.  And I'm the opposite of all of those -- kinda like a hot mess.  But we're connected with school and swap grad stories like we're childhood friends on the play ground.

And she's got a boyfriend who plays that drums....and has tattoos.  He kind of looks bad ass but I'm guessing he's a sweetie.  And I've just started my love affair with music (seriously, I NEVER really listened to music before and I still don't know how to download me a geek).

I'm kind of hoping she'll invite me to a show so I can get drunk, dance, and pretend I'm cool.  Kind of like sex, drugs, rock n' roll (minus the sex and drugs)!

She wrote about our meetings on her blog because clearly she's more organized then I'll ever be.  But for some reason I can't link to the direct entry where she was talking about ME.  So incase you don't believe that I met this cool gal in person go check out her blog in September and click older posts (at the bottom of the page) then you can see ma' pretty face (and double kimchi fingers).


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Awwwwe - you are too sweet! Don't be fooled ... the classes took me just over a year, but the thesis part is dragggggggging on and on. Thanks for your kind words - you're a doll :-)

Kimberly Ann said...

LOL you never wanted to come to a show with me!! :P joking - I am glad you are getting into music Jen!