Sunday, October 14, 2012

I cheated once

(but not on my husband!)

I checked Facebook once this week.  Now that I've confessed let's see how I did otherwise.

The break - away from the internet - allowed me to focus on only my studies.  After a few quick calculations in my head I average about 3-5 hours on the internet checking emails, blogs, blogs, blogs, and facebook per day.....Although I think my dad has me beat (hi dad! go unload the dishwasher), I still spend way too much time doing relatively nothing.  It's true that blogging is an outlet for me, but that doesn't excuse the other 4.5 hours I spend online every day.  There is a difference between a hobby and a bad habit.

Well last week it stopped and here's what I've learned:

1.  I love grad school now (I'm in the love phase of the love-hate relationship I have with school)
2.  I am so excited to wake up in the morning and go to my office.  I sit there and just think and type.
3.  I am so consumed with my studies that I'm not focused on food.  I eat at my computer while I'm working.  I pack small healthy meals that can be eaten at any point.
4.  Last Tuesday was my longest day of studying:  16 hours!
5.  I emailed an 81 year old retired professor in the States to ask him some questions about my research group project.  After double-checking to make sure I wasn't a "lazy student", his words not mine, he answered ALL of my questions in detail.  I cannot express how appreciative I am for the time he spent typing out his concepts just so that I could understand them.
6.  I have volunteered to help other students with their SSHRC application so I'm going to speak at the information session tomorrow.  Hopefully one person will be able to take away one piece of valuable advice.
7.  I conducted my first interview for part of an assignment.  This will give me practice with my thesis.  I learned that I loved asking questions and hearing people talk.
8.  I am starting to enjoy reading.  This is a big step for me, a self-proclaimed 'reader hater'.
9.  I used to always have to work with someone around me.  When I was young, and even now, I'd do my homework in the kitchen where the action was.  Now, I embrace moments of peace and use that time to get really deep into my studies.
10.  I'm still disorganized as shit, but I'm just accepting that as who I am right now, instead of being frustrated about it.

Life is really good.  I hope I can continue to feel this way over the next couple of years throughout my academic career.  I'm actually getting excited to start on my thesis.

Who put something in the water?


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

You sound happy :-)

Glad to hear life is good and that you are liking grad school and are excited to write your thesis! I'm happy for you!

Tanya said...

I'm really happy to see you snapped out of your funk and are enjoying school. I knew you had it in you. You like school you were just lost in a paralysing fog :) Just remember that work hard also comes with play hard so remember to take some time away from studies to play a little.