Monday, September 24, 2012

Twenty-four hours

Dinner at mom's house on Sunday was FANTASTIC.  

BBQ ribs with home made fries, beans, corn, salad.....oh my!

Sung Hyun is still sleeping in a hotel.  He's on the hunt for a room to rent which is turning out to be a rather difficult process.  I'm certain something will turn up soon!

He will most likely be working 10 hours Monday - Friday and 8 hours on Saturday.  Then after work on Saturday he'll drive home (2.5 hours), stay for 24 hours and leave Sunday night after supper at mom's house.

This past weekend was our first run at this new life of ours.  We made sure to enjoy our one day together. I am not being very productive with my time while Sung Hyun's gone though.  When he was here I kept thinking of all the homework I had to do.  I'll have to definitely make adjustments to this lack of drive, given that I don't want an unproductive year.



Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

That meal looks sooooo good!! And I love that it is summery - I am hanging on to summer with a tight grip!

Anonymous said...

So after working a 58 hour week, he'll drive 5 hours total for one day? Poor Gym Guy!

I hope he can get an apartment or room quickly so you can take the 5 hour driving burden instead. And then you can stay a little longer, be waiting for him when he gets off work, and see him off in the morning on Mondays. :)

Anonymous said...

He should get a job here in Lloyd and then he can come stay with us. ;)
Its hard being apart, but you will survive this. You will have to go and spend time there with him so that you can have more nights together maybe?


Why am I here??? said...

Yes it was delicious Jolene!

Yah it sucks doesn't it anon.? I plan to go see him in Estevan. Actually I was considering moving there with him because I only have grad class on Tuesday and Wednesday night, but the reality is we have a big frickin' condo that we just bought and we really don't know exactly how long he will be in Estevan.

Hey Marie,

That might be an idea actually Are you offering? haha :) Btw, I need your address so I can send those chopsticks.

Anonymous said...

You wanted to rent out a room of your house, right?

Couldn't you still rent out one room (thereby recouping some of the cost of your husband's rental) and stay in the condo two nights a week (or whatever) for class?

That way you would have someone in the condo when you're not there (so it doesn't look empty), you could still take care of things at the condo when you're there (like a leaky faucet or whatever), be earning an extra income, see your husband more, and get to sleep in your own condo on school nights.

Just a thought. Good luck!