Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Korean Diary Day 21

Sung Hyun and I were on a mission today.  Today was the day we HAD TO pick up my reference letter from a professor in support of a study abroad opportunity next summer in Korea.

So two buses and two hours later we made it to the campus.

The university in Korea is the place where the boys are PRETTY!

And the girls are PRETTY DARN CRAZY for wearing such short short.  I think my underwear gives more coverage than her JACKET!!  Oh Korea.....the place where it's okay to show your legs but never your cleavage.  

The signs and waterfall on campus.

Popcorn vending machine.  SCORE!

With the reference letter in hand I set out to meet up with a good friend.  I studied Korean with her two years ago.  We both started in the beginner class.  Now, she's fluent!  That would be her 6th language.  She's smart like that!

She's an assistant professor in Economics at Yonsei University.  AND she's super hilarious.  I can't not laugh when I am with her.

It's too bad that we had to meet the day before I leave.  Booooo!!!

Packing time.  We stuffed both bags and they each came in at the exact weight limit.  We couldn't have brought back anything more :)

These two owls will match my living room.

One last visit to kimbabjungook for supper then off to the coffee shop for a big bowl of ice and red beans -- our very last!

Observations of the Day:

1.  So much more to see and do but not enough time to do it.  It will have to wait until next time....


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Cute owls!!! I would love to go shopping anywhere in Asia ... ahhhhh. I need to get out of NA one of these days.

Tanya said...

Hey I forgot to tell you the other day when I was over that i loved your owls! Crazy that you could find more owls that matched perfectly!

HL said...

As a Korean-American who doesn't have boobs to brag about but legs she's not ashamed of I can sympathize with the short shorts. Flaunt what you've got!