Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Korean Diary Day 19

The day after my Korean family trip I went to meet Judy (my old boss) and her daughter one last time.  I met her in the first week but failed to take a single photo of her.  I had my camera focuses on that little girl!

We went out for lunch to a Western fusion buffet called VIPS.  I filled my plate with goodies.

Not so healthy goodies ;(

Then I rushed off to meet up with my old adult students at the 63 building.  While I waited for them to finish work I sat in our old classroom.  Check out the view!

Sigh!  I miss the whole gang.  They were super special to me while I lived here and I miss teaching them.

A couple of the guys treated me to dinner and drinks.  I was too busy catching up that I forgot to take any pictures of them.

But I did get a picture of dinner.

Boiled pork, I believe.

Observations of the Day:

1.  It's wonderful to pick up where we left off.  The students today couldn't believe I've been gone for 2 years already.  It seems a lot shorter than that.

2.  I'm starting to get sick of cold showers at mom's house.  The best way to get used to the cold is to just stick your head right under; kind of like pulling off the band aid.  

3.  Arrived home early so that I could prepare for the typhoon.


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Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I would get tired of cold showers very quickly ... like after one, lol!