Saturday, September 01, 2012

Korean Diary Day 17

I'm back in Canada, reporting the last few days of my Korean adventure.  We're both trying to adjust to the time change.  I think I'm doing better than Sung Hyun; he had a four hour nap yesterday.  

I frantically pulled my application for the study abroad permit together, met my supervisor, attempted to print off my research proposal but failed because the formatting on the university printers was different than my document on the computer, raced back home to print it off, double checked the proposal, noticed that I missed a reference in the citation section, made the final changes, attempted to print it again but ran out of ink, replaced my ink cartridge, printed it, double and triple checked it (thanks mom!!!), and raced back to the university to hand it in ONE HOUR before it was due.  Eeeek!  

  Luckily my friend Tanya came over and kept me entertained later so that I wouldn't fall asleep.  

Okay, back to Korea.....we left off with going to bed at around 2 with the expectations of waking up at 6 to go on a family trip.

Sister came at 9:00 am.  The plan was to head to their second house in the country side so I packed accordingly.

Breakfast was a kimbab shared.

Rice for breakfast....seems so natural now

Pit stop on the way landed us at a road side rest stop where we ate lunch.  Soup for mom....

....and pork cutlet for me :)

We ended up stopping at a lake side to dip our feet in the pool.  

Mom took a nap.  Isn't this a lovely snap shot capturing one Korean man washing another.

Sung Hyun was happy!

Mom washed up.  No, she didn't drink the water!!

Shortly everyone showed up (except #5 sister's family)

Then it was mid-afternoon snack time.  

We had samgyupsal



Then back to the water

Since I didn't bring my bathing suit (or enough clothes) I wasn't able to go in the water.  I was soooooo hot (and maybe a little dehydrated) that I got a headache.

So I played on the sidelines.

But everyone else jumped right in!!!

Fun times had by all!  And then instead of going to sister's second house we just rented a minbak (which is a hotel with a mini kitchen but without beds -- everyone just sleeps on the floor).  Apparently, all along the plan was to go to the river side, but no one told us. 

Dinner was fish soup!  Very very spicy....

THEN.... we all tried to dance to this song:

This popular Korean song has become viral!  And it's got over 85 million views on Youtube.  Crazy that this has become so big.  You can read about the MESSAGE of the video here.

We tried to do the dance but failed miserably.


A lot of laughs!!!


1.  Koreans help each other when they throw up by patting the person on the back.  I'm guessing this isn't such a private activity since it was done with the bathroom door open in front of everyone.  YUCK!


David said...

" Koreans help each other when they throw up by patting the person on the back. I'm guessing this isn't such a private activity since it was done with the bathroom door open in front of everyone. YUCK"
that is the difference and a hurdle when individualistic culture meets communal culture. thats where many misunderstandings happen. i still struggle with this even though i have lived in the usa for 30 years.

Why am I here??? said...

Yah good point David! I wonder what my Kfamily would think if they came to Canada? As in, what kind of observations would they make that would contradict with their reality.

David said...

what happens is in my case what i observe as being cold hearted is viewed as privacy and what westerners view as meddling is view as being caring. case in point when you eat. korean's share and eat together from the same plate but westerner's generally each together but with their own plates. it doesn't stop there, the list goes on.

Kendra said...

Glad to hear you made it back safe and sound! I enjoyed all the posts and that video is crazy funny.

Why am I here??? said...

Thanks Kendra, I was overwhelmed by all the positive comments when I was posting in Korea. It took me back to the days when I first started my blog. Thanks for reading and your comments.....they are always so positive and very much appreciated.

P.s. same for you David!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I've never had fish soup, but it looks SO good!!

That's funny about the vomiting thing. I have a weak stomach, so I am pretty comfortable with vomiting, and wouldn't mind if people saw/ patted me on the back, lol :-)