Friday, September 07, 2012

Dinner tonight

David and Chelsey seem to be cooking up some good food tonight (see comments in last post) so I figured I'd show them what I was cooking...
In an effort to be a "better wife" (I'm already a pretty good one - ha) I wanted to cook something for Sung Hyun that I knew he would like.
We went to Superstore (HI TANIA!) and picked up some fresh shellfish
An assortment of clams and mussels
Then we stopped by the liquor board store for wine -- one to drink, one to cook with!
And TA-DA! 
I made a dish that he just loved ;) filled with tomatoes, onions, fresh garlic, parsley, tomatoe sauce and.....that seafood stuff
And me?
Well this was a dish I "pretended to love".  I'm not a fan of seafood but after a couple of glasses of wine....well everything is alright!
p.s. Sung Hyun wanted 'cold' wine.  And after one glass he was pretty drunk.  Now he's in the kitchen cooking a whole chicken by boiling it in a pot of water.  Hummmmm......


Mrs. Kim said...

I HATE seafood. I sometimes wonder how I survived Korea. ;) I used to walk through the fish markets holding my nose and making the ajumas laugh.

Why am I here??? said...

Yaha that's exactly me too! So smelly...

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I love cooking a chicken in boiling water - so moist, tender and delicious!! I actually first heard of doing that after reading it on my Korean friend's blog :-)

But cold red wine ... ewww!