Saturday, August 04, 2012


Yesterday was my last day of work.  

When Sung Hyun came home with his lay off notice I immediately called my boss and quit my job.  I had two weeks left of work, but I never really felt like I was leaving my job.  Then it hit me, right at coffee break yesterday as I was saying good bye to students who had already moved on to different teachers.  I hugged the students as tears slipped out of my eyes.  "Teacher, today you are like child", one said.

When I accepted the position at Open Door I never anticipated how truly amazing it would be to work for a non-profit organization.  And since this organization is working with immigrants it is extra special to me.  It was hard to say good-bye.

In September I'll be starting school full-time and because I have received a scholarship I have a restriction on the number of hours I can work during that time.  I would have had to quit my job at the end of August anyway -- my boss knew that!  So when Sung Hyun came home with his lay off letter we both knew it was the perfect time to go on a vacation and spend some quality time together.  We've both been working REALLY hard.  We both need this break.

So we are packing our bags and heading to...(let's play a game, I'll give you 5 hints)

1.  We are travelling by plane.  

2.  Our trip is NOT all inclusive.

3.  It will be very hot.

4.  The food in this country is spicy.

5.  The language spoken is not English.  


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I figure you'll be visiting your MIL in Korea? Either way, vacations are exciting! Have fun!

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