Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Korean Diary Day 4

Breakfast in the morning: rice, soup and kimchi

A close up

Before we set out for the day we had a little song and dance.  Fun times indeed.

p.s. did I ever tell you how much I love my mother-in-law!

Snack at Krispie Kreme Donuts

Then we went to a really big book store.  Sung Hyun said "book smell make me headache"

I really enjoy reading about North Korea.  I can't wait to dig into Escape from Camp 14 upon Amanda's recommendation

Lunch with friends at the best Indian restaurant ever!

Then we went back to the mall known as Time Square.  It's HUGE!

We were debating whether or not to get a Diet Down drink

But decided to park out butts in a coffee shop for a bit and cool down with patbingsu

If you can't find the pen colour you're looking for then I think you've got a problem

Dinner was spicy chicken with ddeok (rice cake)

This is the restaurant we had our first date at!

Observations of the day:

1.  Sung Hyun keeps talking about wanting to go home. 

2.  Korean food is spicy. 

3.  Seoul is so fascinating.


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Why does Sung Hyun want to go home?

Your mother in law is adorable. Absolutely adorable.

Tanya said...

That last dish looks really yummy! Tell Sung Hyun to be quiet and enjoy his time with family and friends because it may be a long time before he gets back there again! He gets to spend the rest of his life in Canada but has very few times he gets to see his family.

PS. You really need to bring your mother in law back for a visit! Book her and your niece a ticket to come home with you!

Why am I here??? said...

Yes, mil is adorable. I might smuggle her to Canada. Sung Hyun doesn't like the big groups of pushy people. Seriously people have stood so close to him that you would think they were his girlfriend. Yes, good point Tanya!

Anonymous said...

Yum ... Krispie Creme !!
Sung Hyun's mom is priceless !
It looks like she is enjoying your company.
That Indian restaurant looks familiar. Did you take us there?

Love ya
Momma Bear

Shelley said...

I'm sure he also likes having his own home and his own space. When you've never really had that, it's hard to go back when you don't.

Why am I here??? said...

Yes you've been to that Indian and chicken restaurant mom!