Friday, August 10, 2012

Korean Diary Day 2

Today we didn't have a plan.  We set out at 10, which was a little later than the day before.  First stop was breakfast at my favourite Kimbabjunggook.  Today was meat mandu (dumplings) and deokboki (spicy rice cake).  A tasty treat for $5

Two years ago, when I was living with mom, I attended Korean classes at Sogang university.  Everyday at break time the classmates would head next door to the bakery and grab a pastry and coffee.  My mission today was to do exactly that!

Here is the entrance to the language building.  And I stopped at the bakery beside it only to discover they didn't sell my favourite little snack anymore.  No chocolate scones to be found at any Tour Les Jour that we've been to thus far.  I kind of felt sad that I couldn't recreate that memory.

In Korea the little stationary stores are so entertaining.  They've got little gems everywhere.  The aisles are so narrow and everything is packed in so tight.  I could spend hours in them just exploring and reading the cover of the English notebooks.

"Just do what you do and never look around the others, This is your life and no one can touch you owing to the reason you are different" 

Ice cream in a bag for a dollar eaten at the crazy crosswalk in Sincheon.

Cuteness everywhere!

GOOD TIME LOVE MOTEL -- In Korea couples often go to love motels to have sex (gasp! no, Koreans don't do they.....they wait until they're married, silly!) with their partners since most of the time they live at home with their parents.  Or love motels can be used for married men (and women) when they want to cheat on their spouse.  It's easy: just drive into the shady parking lot and they'll cover up your licence plate so you're sure not to get caught.  How convenient!

We explored the shops in Ewha (close to the woman's university) and Sung Hyun got to see all the pretty girls. 

And I got to see all the pretty shoes!

5 little shops

Oh this is new.  The bus stop that tells you when the next bus is coming.  How cool!

Back to home for a rest.  This is a small yogurt drink.

Mom cooked!

Then she hung up my bar in the window :)

And then we ate together.  And Sung Hyun had a serious conversation with his mom.  Not too sure what that was about, but he'll fill me in later.  She was angry.

After a short rest we went for mani/pedicures.  I got the VIP treatment at $50.  I have no idea what you'd pay for one of these in Canada.

And Sung Hyun got the manicure.  His nails are so lovely now.  He's a pretty boy.  I suggested he shouldn't tell his manly Canadian friends about his manicure in Korea unless he wanted to get beat up!

Then I got my toes wrapped in plastic.

A walk through the mall reveals more cute things.  Look at the detail on these cakes.  Oh Korea, how I've missed you :)

After the walk we decided to go to a 4D movie.  This is a 3D movie with an added dimension.  The 4th dimension is moving seats, scents, smoke, water, flashing lights, etc.  If you ever get the chance to see a 4D movie it's totally worth the extra money.  It's soooo cool!  Two tickets were $36.

So we got drunk and watched Ice Age 4.

Yes, that's beer in a cup with a straw at the movie theatre.  Told you Korea is awesome!

Two beers, a large caramel popcorn and nachos for $14.  I'm pretty sure that would cost more than $30 in Canada.

After the movie someone famous was doing a book signing.

That's Boah a Korean singer.  We took the bus back home and ate dinner at 9pm -- pretty late!  Pigs feet and Domino's pizza were on the menu tonight.  Much like this night 2 years ago.

"Mom they don't have pepperoni is a ham pizza anymore :("

East vs. West:  Mom and me!

Observations of the Day:

1.  In total, Sung Hyun and I budgeted $50 a day for Korea.  We figured since we would eat at home and since we didn't need to pay for accommodations we wouldn't need more than $50.  We grossly underestimated.  We'll be lucky if we stay under a $100 a day. 

2.  Today I was looking for: chocolate scones from Tour Les Jour, sweet potatoe pizza from Domino's Pizza, and the combination cereal/ yogurt from GS 25.  I didn't find any :(

3.  There is no personal space in Korea.  Someone stepped on my sandal, shoved their bag in my back and butt in line.  Sung Hyun misses Canada and keeps saying "lets go back home!"  I don't share these same feelings.  I'm loving my time here more than I imagined! 


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

That first meal there for $5 seems like a great deal and looks so good! I love Korean food so much, and your posts are driving me crazy!!! (In a good way).

Foreigner Joy said...

It's fun seeing what new things you find since last being here. Things change so quickly.

Mrs. Kim said...

Ha, these posts are KIND of making me miss it. Definitely miss how much there is to do. In my current (home)town we're lucky if there's an event once a week. And now I'm craving danmuji.

I don't and will never miss the shoves and stares though.

Anonymous said...

How long are you staying in Korea?

Shelley said...

It's great you're having a good time in Korea, after seeing your posts, I miss Korea too, and it is just way cooler than India. India is great and interesting for travel but not "cute" at all.
You have to remember Korea is still an exotic place for you and Canada has been good to SH in that he can earn more money and have more opportunities. I think it's great he has grown to love Canada. I just think you are and always will be an adventurer and like to change things up often. I am the same way. As much I yearn to go back to Canada, I KNOW that I'll find myself bored quickly and want those challenges that living in a foreign country brings. Though India is just TOO CHALLENGING!
However, I think now that I have kids, stability and predictability is ok. I need to put down some roots for them...and I don't want that to be in india. Though I know I'll enjoy coming back to visit every couple of years!

HL said...

떡볶이 NOM NOM NOM...

It's borderline Korean junk food but I love that stuff.

Why am I here??? said...

Haha Mrs. Kim, that's exactly how I feel about my city. There are so many things to do in can't leave your house without your camera.

I'll be in Korea until Aug 29th. We fly out on the 30th.....that's if I decide to leave (haha, joking)

Why am I here??? said...

Shelley, you are correct when you say that I'm always an adventurer and like things to change often. Sung Hyun would be happy sleeping in and watching Korean tv, but I can't wait to get out and explore. Even if I'm soooo tired I'd much rather be doing things than sleeping. So when exactly do you think you'll return to Canada? And I can't believe you've been in Indian for 5 years. It's crazy how time passes so quickly. I bet you see that more now that your kids are getting bigger. I have to make sure to come for a visit before you leave. I'm thinking 2 years you think you'll still be there?

Shelley said...

I might still be here! Would LOVE if you came to visit!