Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Korean Diary Day 16

Sung Hyun and I underestimated how long it would take to get to the bus terminal in Busan.  We arrived with 5 minutes to get to our platform.  We grabbed these mini tuna kimbabs for breakfast.

We ate them on the train on the way back.  About 30 minutes into our journey we stopped because there was some signal problem on the track.  We stopped for around 20 minutes which set our arrival time back.  The KTX staff told us if we arrived 20 minutes late at our final destination they would give us a 20% refund for the tickets.  We arrived 19 minutes late.
We arrived back home and I dropped off my bags so that I could meet this lovely lady for Indian food.  We tried to get Indian the previous week but it was closed. 

We were both starving since neither of us ate lunch.


Good eats and even better chat.  I miss Amy and her positive outlook on life.  The biggest advice I always remember from her is she only focuses on what she can control.  So, for example, if she is frustrated about a situation involving another person she says to herself "what can I control and what is out of my control?"  This is great advice given that Korean work culture and Canadian/ American work culture is vastly different.

I use this advice all the time.  It prevents me from complaining and gets me taking action.

I rushed home because Sung Hyun told me that we were going on a family trip that night.  It was already 10 pm and we were supposed to leave the following day.  Plans are made and change suddenly in Korea.  It was something that I had to get used to when I lived here.  I still find it hard to jump up and go because someone tells me to.  I got home and Sung Hyun and mom had already packed.  Sung Hyun called his sister and told her we were ready.  We waited for them to pick us up.  She called back 10 minutes later and said they changed their mind and that we'd leave at 6 the following morning.  Koreans also change plans without consultation or explanation.  When Sung Hyun got off the phone with his sister I asked why they decided not to leave at night (since it was their idea in the first place) and he said he didn't know because he didn't ask. 

I'm used to this now and I try to roll with what's going on since it's usually out of my control.

Neither Sung Hyun and I could sleep.  We watched T.V. and played around on the computer until 2 am.  The following day we woke up at 6 to get ready to leave.  His sister didn't come until 9.  And even then it wasn't the sister that was originally supposed to pick us up.  Usually, I'd ask 'what's going on or why didn't you call us?' but I've learned over the years to just accept this as the way things work.

Observations of the Day:

1.  If I ride the subway and need to get out at a certain stop I cannot for the life of me remember what exit number to take.  I can however remember what direction to go in the subway to get me out the correct way.  I've never been good with remember numbers or street names but I can tell you to turn right at the top of the escalator, pass the bank and left at the pharmacy.


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Samosas are one of the greatest foods ever!

HL said...

" I've never been good with remember numbers or street names but I can tell you to turn right at the top of the escalator, pass the bank and left at the pharmacy."

So you're Korean!

Why am I here??? said...

bahahahahaha Love your comment HL!