Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Korean Diary Day 15

Our plan was to hang out at the beach and just chill.  But when we woke up to rain we knew that wasn't going to happen.  It was one of those lazy rainy days where you sit by the window and read a book.  Except our hotel didn't have a viewable window and I kind of hate reading.
We left our hotel at noon and set out to find breakfast.

Sung Hyun decided on a plan for the day

Beef and noodle soup for breakfast

First stop was the aquarium to give us a break from the rain

The jellyfish were my favourite

A quick stop at the coffee shop.  I kept going to coffee shops because I needed to check emails.  The time difference between Canada and Korea means there's a bigger delay in response time.  Also, I found out that none of the emails I sent to the Korean professor reached him.  Eeeeek! Running out of time......

Ordered an iced coffee for $5, geez that's more than our meals.  But I guess I didn't just order a coffee I also got a little laugh.  Did you know that Coffine Gurunaru (the coffee shop) "wants to be a tree and a ferry in a river just like a place to rest.  A good quality of coffee and the health benefits of wine will definitely make your body and your mind upgrade and even your pride in your life.  Please take a deserved break at Coffine Gurunaru.  Coffine Gurunaru is a resting place for you"
I guess I did kind of feel like a tree and a ferry in a river as I was upgrading my mind and body and pride.  They even sold wine by the glass at the same price as coffee.  Wow!
Hopped on the bus to head to the temple on the rock

It was lovely but we got a little wet.
Next Sung Hyun wanted to check out the fish market.

Plug your nose!

Sung Hyun was on a mission to eat fish for dinner.  He wanted to walk until he found what he was looking for.  The thing is he never knew what he was looking for.  He said that it would jump out at him.  So we walked and walked through the streets filled with fish for a good 30 minutes and nothing jumped out at him. 
I was starving so we waited in this line to get a famous Korean snack.  Lines in Korea mean the food is good!

Yup, it was good!  Then we walked for another 30 minutes looking for fish to jump out at Sung Hyun.

He settled on some street food

Probably not the cleanest.

But still tasty nonetheless

Dinner #2 was at Outback where we shared a drink and heart attack on a plate:

Also knows as Aussie cheese fries. 
Next we went back to our hotel to shower up and walk around.  We stayed in a love motel which was $60 a night and was decent enough.  When we were looking for hotels we went to about 8 different places checking out their rooms.  The first hotel had an ocean view for $800 a night.  We passed on that one :)

And went for a way cooler every-colour-possible-wallpaper one.  We almost upgraded to a round bed, but we figured the $20 a night would be better spent elsewhere.

Sung Hyun got hungry after our walk so we went to a fish restaurant.

Yahhhhh, Sung Hyun finally got to eat the fish he wanted to eat all day long

I drank beer and smiled

I tried one piece and it wasn't too bad

Sung Hyun wasn't full so he ordered a plate of yuckiness.  I didn't try these mini penises that looked like earthworms.  This fishy dinner was over $75 (the three beer were $3 a pop).  At least Sung Hyun got to enjoy his fish!
Observations of the Day:
1.  In Korea it is acceptable/ tolerated if someone you know talks about fatness.  Today someone I knew called me fat.


Jacky said...

I live in Korea but your blog makes me hungry. :) As far as the observations...it's very true. My guy friend (who has been teaching for 1.5 yr) has gained weight and he says he gets comments almost daily from students and whatnot. Even my boyfriend said something to him (we hadn't met up with my friend for like 3 months).

Why am I here??? said...

Hey Jacky, I read your blog and always try to comment but it doesn't allow me b/c I don't have a wordpress account. Any way to get around this?

Jacky said...

You definitely don't need a wordpress account. When you type in the 'reply' box, you can just put your name and website and it should go through just fine (well it will say waiting for moderation). If that doesn't work, you can put in your e-mail and I would be the only one to read that. Thanks for reading me! I wish I could meet with you before you go...but I'm pretty out of the way for practically everyone since I'm in 구미

ashattack said...

That temple is 용궁사, isn't it? I have so many good memories there! Busan is Taehyun's hometown. He took me there the first time I visited Busan and met his parents. We also took my family there after our wedding.

Not only is it acceptable to talk about fatness, but pretty much any physical flaw. One time I had a bad breakout, and one of Taehyun's friends asked me "What's wrong with your face?" 헐!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Mmmm, those fries! I can't believe the cultural differences when it comes to commenting on weight. I am sure you know this, but you are NOT even close to fat!

Why am I here??? said...

Okay Jacky for some reason it directs me back to the Wordpress login page....eeeeh. Yes you are absolutely correct Ash! Haha thanks Jolene.....I'm a monster in Korea.