Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Korean Diary Day 13

The past week and a bit I've been away from the Internet.  But you knew that!  This was both blissfully rejuvenating, when not having to 'check in' and keep tabs on what is going on, and equally frustrating, when trying to send important emails to people. 
Sorry for my absence.  A few readers have asked for updates.  The biggest reason, among others, why I don't excel at blogging is probably because I'm not reliable.  Sooooo, because everyone likes the daily updates, let's pick up where we left off.
I woke up to find my underwear hanging in the window.  This mother-in-law of mine certainly cracks me up.  One day I will have to sit down and consider compiling stories about her.  There's enough laughs there to fill a book.
Today I wanted pizza for breakfast so Sung Hyun ordered it (again) upon my request.  I'm not joking when I say I can eat pizza everyday.  I'm waiting for someone to say "hey, that's not Korean food!"

This pizza is Korean food.....because you cannot get this stuff in Canada. 
After breakfast, Sung Hyun and I decided to set out to buy some supplies for people back home.  That's you Jolene and Krista!

We walked by an eye glasses shop and decided to pop in to check our prescriptions.  Mine has changed again, which seems to be happening every year.  That means we needed to update our lenses, 4 of them in total (2 glasses, and 1 sunglasses - ME & 1 safety glasses - SUNG HYUN.  This time we decided to keep our frames. 
The total for an eye check and the lenses to be changed on 4 glasses came to $160.  I asked for a discount which knocked the total to $140.  We handed over my 'back up glasses' to get changed first so that we didn't have to wait for all 4.  We walked to the donut shop next door for a coffee while we waited.  I snacked on street corn.

10 minutes later we went back to pick up my glasses.  TEN MINUTES is all it took to change them.  It is times when the convenience of Korea out weighs the complications of Canada that makes me think I could live here FOREVER!

Ta-da - sporting my new lenses, but old frames!

Before we went shopping we checked our bag because we didn't want to carry it around.  Sung Hyun had to use his finger print for identification for the locker.

Then we decided to check our train tickets because we were planning a trip.  Turns out the tickets are sent in the form of a text message to the phone.  Korea is technologically scary like that.

Picked up a few things for myself including a lime green kettle that will look banging in my kitchen.
We headed home.  I showered to cool down and set off to go to my students house for dinner.  Sung Hyun stayed home so that he could settle some family stuff with mom. 
The man in the middle -- that's my student!
His wife went beyond what was required to cook an awesome meal for me.  I only asked for rice and kimchi. 

Their house has an extraordinary amount of books.  These are the English ones on display.

I'd say their office is a little full!
Mr. Ha insisted on driving me home.  There seems to be an increase in fear among the Koreans as a result of the recent stabbings in public places.  I suspect that it's a combination of an increase in crime with an increase in reporting these crimes on the news that has most in fear.

The GPS led us home!
Observations of the Day:
1.  Why is everyone so scared?


Foreigner Joy said...

Their easily scared here considering random violence isn't that often (or often reported).

Plus if you think about it people here have a lot of reasons to be angry and go crazy. I'm glad this country has strict gun laws.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Ooooooh, so excited! Thank you!!! And the pizza looks AWESOME! I can see why you'd want to eat that every day.

ashattack said...

Please, please, PLEASE compile your K-mom stories into a book. I will buy it.