Sunday, August 19, 2012

Korean Diary Day 11

A late wake up today.  Past noon for the both of us.

The menu at our local kimbab joint

Today we ate a tuna sushi roll and some meat dumplings for breakfast/ lunch

After eating we went to a local coffee shop in the area so I could get some work done.  Sung Hyun ate this patbingsu.  We decided we better stop our $10 a day ice flake habit. 

I looked over and it appeared that Sung Hyun was reading my book.

Ha, don't be fooled.  He had his Korean book inside.  He said he wanted to look smart!

After 10 minutes of reading Sung Hyun got bored and went to the sauna (bath house) and I continued working on my study abroad research proposal.

During that time I managed to find a really interesting article about Korean saving face and cross-cultural communication.  It's titled What is Behind "Face Saving" in Cross Cultural Communication.  I think it's definitely worth a read if you are in a cross cultural relationship with a Korean, have been to Korea, or are curious about some of the struggles I face in my relationship.  In other words, just read it!  Click here for the article.

I worked alone at the coffee shop from 2 - 6:30.  But the good news is I got my proposal done.  Well the first draft anyway, since I'm sure my supervisor will have some changes.

Parked my butt on the bench outside mom's apartment and watched these men play that foot volleyball game.  Anyone know the name for this sport?


Ate supper at home with mom and Sung Hyun.  Had a quiet night in the house booking tickets and planning our get away for later this week.

Observations of the Day:

1.  I'm happy to have powered through to get some school work done even though I'm on vacation.

2.  Got to talk to Canadian mom today.  I was looking forward to our chat all day.

3.  I have thoroughly enjoyed spending all day with Sung Hyun.  He's so easy going and we get along so well.  I think I'm lucky to have such an accommodating husband.

4.  The way to my mother-in-law's heart is with money -- a big wad of it -- I told Sung Hyun that the only way mom would cheer up now was if we gave her money.  So we did exactly that.  She's happy now.

5.  Time to start watching that budget a little more closely.  It's a necessity now :(


Jacky said...

The sport (in Korean) is 족구 jokku (I wrote a blog about it). I say in Korea because China gives it a different name. I don't like people you can buy with's unfortunate your Korean mom is that way. :( (Well most Korean parents are that way...hence why most have to give allowances...)

Foreigner Joy said...

Sounds like a great day to me! Patbingsu is so expensive ~ when it's mostly just a pile of ice haha. That research topic sounds really cool.

Mrs. Kim said...

My MIL always became a *little* more tolerable after we gave her money. Hard to say if it was worth it though since it never lasted that long. ;)

*Krista* said...

Wow I wish I had read that article before I moved to Korea. It helps me to understand a lot about their non-verbal behaviour!

Chelsey said...

Another name for the sport (the one I have heard used in Canada) is Takraw.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Glad to hear that things got better with giving your mother-in-law money ... Tough situation, but important to help out family. Good for you two for being so generous.

HL said...

팥빙수 is one of those foods I always regret eating at the end because I usually eat one of the bowls all by myself. But the first ten bites are amazing!