Friday, August 17, 2012

Korean Diary Day 9

Today mom cut up some watermelon for breakfast. 

Then I set out by myself to eat lunch with a former student.

I get along so well with her.  We could talk for hours.  Currently she's taking a year off university to study for the university entrance exams.  She wants to re-enter as a medical student and become a pshychiatrist.  Her father has purchased a seperate study room for her down the street from where they live.

Lunch was at a private restaurant because that's how this family rolls.

Soup and salad

Some side dishes

The main course

Dessert was tea and fruit

And then we had patbingsu at a coffee shop.  Does anyone think this would be popular in Canada?

Subway shopping

After lunch out I came back home and had a nap which turned out to be longer than 3 hours.  I guess this go go go lifestyle is finally catching up with me.  This certainly is NOT a relaxing vacation.

Supper was samgyupsal (pork) at the local restaurant.

And soup and eggs too.

I won free cider!

Wrap the pork in the lettuce with some rice, kimchi, garlic and whatever you want.

Then stuff it in your mouth.

This meal was $17 for the two of us.  Across the street from the meat restaurant is our favourite local hangout called Loss Time.  We had our wedding afterparty and good-bye party at this local hangout.  It holds some pretty special memories for us mostly because we because so close to the previous owner.  We were regulars at this bar for a good 5 years.  The owner was a nice Korean man who would let us order only beer.  Usually in Korea you also have to order a side dish because in Korea you never only just drink.  The beer is cheap at $3 a glass but the side dishes are always $10-$20.  For example the bowl of canned peaches was Sung Hyuns side dish choice and it cost $9.

Anyway -- back to the bar -- when we walked in it was totally different.  The room was filled with purple velvet chairs and the menu had changed.  Apparently within this last year it was sold to new owners. 

Sung Hyun and I sat in silence for about 5 minutes remembering all the happy memories here.  It was a little sad for both of us that we couldn't catch up with our friend, the old owner.

But then we drank beer with our friends and that made everything okay (kind of)

It was a low key night and after a couple of pitchers we called it a night.

We walked by our old digs and took this picture for Anne-Marie.  It's your old place Annie, except that glassed in the stairs.

Retired the necklace (that's my $5 find -- isn't it cute?) and the high heels

And apparently I passed out on the floor in my clothes without any pillows.

Observations of the Day:

1.  I'm exhausted!

2.  Sometimes change is good, but at the same time it's a little sad.

3.  Korea is FUN -- I missed Annie, Shane and Youjeong tonight!


Shelley said...

I honestly do think Patbingsu would be popular in Canada. I am not sure people could get around the bean paste on it. I for one do not like it at all.

Why am I here??? said...

Yah I never used to like it either, but since I've eaten it like 4 times on this trip I really like it now. The more times I try it the better it is!

Yujeong Lee said...

I really enjoyed your day and the last picture that you passed out on the floor was quite cute. lol. The weather must be pretty hot and humid there but ironically I miss that weather sometimes. It could bring me such a fun memories.
I wish we were there with you guys so that we could hang out like this.. buy beer from family mart and drink it at Han river with gyochon chicken, get sweat all over and enjoy samgyupsal as well.
miss those days...

Hope you have a great trip and show us more pics :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Looks like you guys are having so much fun!