Saturday, August 11, 2012

Korea Diary Day 3

Woke up at 5:30 today and had leftover pizza for breakfast.  Then I forced myself back to sleep because I knew today (Saturday) was going to be a long one.  Woke up for a second time at 11:30.

I set out for the subway alone on a mission to meet Doyoung.  It was a very long subway ride to the end of the blue line.  It took about 1.5 hours.

It was lovely to see this lesbian couple playing around together on the subway.  I can only hope that some are becoming more open minded about the possibility of gay/ lesbian couples.

My friend Doyoung works on the American military base.  When I was living it Korea it was such a treat to go on post and get spoiled with Western treats.  I thought Joy might enjoy this so I invited her along.  We've only met one other time in person when we happened to be passing by one another at a hospital a couple of years ago.  She's such a lovely lady in person that I wished we had met each other when I was actually living here.  I really only know her through her blog.

Taco Bell it was.  Although this isn't so special to me anymore.  I much prefer Korean food.

But the real treat was splashing around in the pool

And going down the yellow slide

This is a sign on base.  It looks much like the Korean ones except this is written in English.

After a quick stop for ice cream, Doyoung gave us a tour of the base in his car (that has air con.)

Then it was time to come back to Seoul.  Joy went back to her place and Doyoung and I continued on.

Spicy chicken and noodles for supper.

Welcome to Korea....where we cut our noodles with scissors.

Beers in Hongdae park

Then off to watch my friend play in a club.  Annie I believe this was one of your local hangouts.  I wish you were here with me :)

Then I ran into this guy.  He's from waaaaaay back when I first came to Korea.  How lovely it was to randomly cross paths again.

Back home at 2 am because I was super tired.  Had this been a regular night in Hongdae I would have stayed till the sun came up.  When I left the party was just getting started.

I wasn't the only one partying.  Apparently Sung Hyun drank a little too much (which would be anything over 2 drinks) and decorated the streets, not one but three times.

He's feeling it this morning!


1.  The Korean streets are smelly.

2.  When I used to live here an hour subway ride to get some place was commonplace.  But now, an hour feels sooooo long.

3.  People smoke in bars...I forgot that!

4.  I can still speak Korean.  On the subway ride home after Joy left I was able to carry on a conversation with Doyoung for a good 20-30 minutes. 

5.  I'm still smiling from ear to ear!!!!!  I love this place :)


Foreigner Joy said...

That was a really fun day. I'm glad to finally meet up with you. Hope you have more fun the rest of your stay here. :) I'll get my post up about it soon haha

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

That big slide looks fun! I love water sliding!!!!

I am enjoying this posts about Korea so much! Keep 'em coming!

That's funny about the decorating of the streets :-) Been there, lol!

Anonymous said...

just tell yourfriend and any others i will love to host them on post anytime they wanna come will be my pride and joy to display the Army cultured e-mail