Monday, July 16, 2012

Today I...

... got up and checked my blog, Facebook and favourite blogs:  everyday foodie, living on the flipside, healthy tipping point

... went to work and taught my lovely students at REGINA OPEN DOOR.  Ate 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast during break.

... came home at 12:00 pm, made my lunch (bean burrito, veggies, cherries, white cheddar popcorn)

... watched 30 minutes of Dr. Phil while I emailed my condo manager about a noisy neighbour, sent an email to my future thesis supervisor and chatted on Facebook with a friend.

... googled and read about Generalized Anxiety Disorder (20 minutes).  Gave myself 10 minutes to "worry" and then practiced deep breathing techniques.  Thanks reader! (see I take your advice, I'm just shitty about reporting back:  noted)

... prepared dinner for tonight (tofu bowls -- rice, tofu, grilled veggies, peanut sauce)

... worked on a curriculum project that I've been contracted to do at a private high school in my city

... noted a typo error on the first page of my curriculum project right after I printed it.

... chatted with a friend on the phone and thought about ways to solve her recent trailer purchase issues.

... updated my blog.

Tonight I will...

... eat dinner with my lover while chatting about our day

... put away the laundry

... have a shower 

... watch LOST on Netflix while cuddling with this guy:


*Krista* said...

Love! Thanks for sharing! Makes me feel like I'm still in Regina taking part in your life! :) Miss you and SH! xoxo

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Hey!!! That's me!! :-) Thanks for the shout out and love!

Anonymous said...

You have Dr. Phil in Canada? And Netflix has Lost right now!? Awesome!

Why am I here??? said...

Hello my friend Krista! I certainly miss you and can't wait to hang out in fall. Will you be coming down in July?

You're welcome Jolene, you are such an active commenter/ reader, how can I not love you?!

Yes Anonymous. Dr. Phil drives me crazy but I'm kind of addicted to watching him ;) And after 21 episodes (in Season 1) of Lost I'm still not really into it. Sooooo I'm going to stop watching it ;(