Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My love, my life

Sung Hyun and I are enjoying our summer together with friends, family and most importantly ourselves.

And it's a BLAST!


ashattack said...

Have a great summer with your lover!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Isn't summer the greatest!!!?? Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

This would be a prime example of what people commented on in your last post - your manic swings that dramatically insist that your life is in ruin, to follow up posts emphatically claiming that life is a blast. Drop the adjectives and write your thoughts. The adjectives distract from what your point is, and then become the focal point of your message (rather than the ideas or notions that you want to impart on your readers).

Why am I here??? said...

Thanks Ash....I'm still waiting for an update on your world travels (hehe) (lovely chicken dance btw), but I've been reading your hubby's blog meanwhile;)

Summer is grand Jolene. I wish I was as creative as you in the kitchen.

Hey anony, I'm not sure that when I set out to write a post I have a certain focal point in my message. I just write because it's soothing. Somedays are bad, and I'm dramatic and I feel that life is unfair but somedays I'm appreciative and lucky to be blessed with such an understanding husband ;) And so you get it on my blog. I'm changing and going through a growth/ personal change process. I'm questioning life and my purpose in it. So I feel like I'm in a vulnerable position right now. I'm okay with that b/c I know that I'm working on being a better person. Am I the only one going through this? Anyways, can you give me an example of what a post would look like if I dropped the adjectives? I appreciate your honesty and candidness. I'll take it that if you really care (about my wellbeing? message?), you'll comment back to this reply ;)

Thanks for the comments everyone!

ashattack said...

I have a few posts that I've started, abandoned, and have yet to get back to... Hopefully soon! I'm sure you understand it's hard to sit down and write in lovely summer. Well for me anyway!

I think anyone who reads your blog can't help but care for you. I love how you respond to all your comments with respect and grace. Fighting!

Tanya said...


I know you probably had good intentions of providing constructive criticism for her blog but like she said, she doesn't set out to make her posts correct for readers to "get it". She takes what's in her head and puts it into something tangible. I, myself, think it is courageous to post one minute about wanting to run away to then having a blast. I would question posting this about myself because I wonder what people think about me. The point is, she is getting out what her inner most thoughts are by being true and not worrying about how it sounds or what adjectives to use. If people don't want to read about her ups and downs they don't have to.

Again though, it's nice to see that it was constructive criticism with suggestions on here rather than just a rant about jen.