Thursday, July 19, 2012

Food and fun

Tofu bowl for her!

Tofu bowl for him!

I'm hoarding cups in my room.  I always take one to bed but never take them back downstairs.  Last night when Sung Hyun went to bed he said "I hope when I come home from work tomorrow the glasses are not here any more".....point taken sweetieheart ;)  And poof, they're gone!

So I'm pretty excited to have (almost) finished the buffet table.  I love the look of the classy clock but some people have suggested I move it higher.  

And I went with the candle holders, which was a suggestion from a reader (thanks reader!).  Now I need to find purple and green candles to go on top of them.

And that green plant will go back on my end table but I was thinking I needed something on that side to balance it out.  Maybe I need to invest in a REAL plant.  Or does it not need anything on the left side?

In other news:

Sung Hyun cooked steak by himself for the first time yesterday.  He was pretty excited.

And he still loves me (me thinks!) 


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

So cute! You guys are adorable :-)

Anonymous said...

Re: purple and green candles (if you're still interested in taking decor advice from readers!!) :)
Not sure what your intentions are but I would do purple OR green, not one of each
Looking good!

Anonymous said...

Silly me! In the last picture I only noticed two candlesticks, but now I see there are 3 there. So that "one of each" comment doesn't really hold any more. Sorry!