Monday, June 11, 2012

Unfinished and Dishonest

Okay my living room / dining room / kitchen is NOT complete.  I have a way with starting projects, nearing completion and throwing in the towel.

So close yet still so far away.

This buffet table is a good example.  It was the last thing to arrive in the room and it's been untouched since then.  

I absolutely love it.  It tucks in nicely behind the chair, next to the mirror.

But it needs something more.  I just don't know what exactly.

First we started with 2 brown floating selves that would sit directly above it.  But it was 'too heavy' (figuratively speaking).

So then I though a silver dish with living room accents would help, but I'm not exactly sold.

Then I thought these Chinese art pieces (that I actually purchased in China) would fit nicely.  They have gold and silver in them which fits nicely with the big purple/gold/silver abstract painting on the same wall.

If I position one higher than the other they might work.  And I definitely need some tall vase or something in the corner.  What do you think?

From afar

Look at all my worldly goodies just sitting in the basement waiting to be displayed:

Oh, and my mom though that maybe I was being a bit misleading about the state of my messiness upstairs in my previous post.  From the picture it didn't really look that bad.  My mom knows just how messy I can get so to be more accurate it's only fair I show you the current state of our basement: 



Amyable said...

I'm a less-is-better type of decorator for my house. So, I don't think you needed the buffet table in your living room/dining room. But since you bought it, how about keeping the top of it either simple or with nothing? The living/dining room is starting to look for cluttered to me now.

Why am I here??? said...

Yah, my husband has told me to stop buying things because it looks too cluttered. I love the buffet table so I'm glad I got it. The empty space behind the big chair needed to be filled. I almost bought a book shelf but I'm glad I went with the more classy look. You really think it looks good with nothing?

Anonymous said...

I agree that there's too much going on already. If you're going to place something on the table, let it be the silver bowl and that's it. I don't like the last picture, with all the extra things on the buffet table. It's too cluttered.

Anonymous said...

Listen to your husband.

Rather than putting "a silver dish with living room accents" (??) on the buffet table, why not put some wedding photos or travel photos that you guys took on the walls? You have all the cool personal stuff that makes a house a home in...the basement!

Tanya said...

You don't have to decide immediately what needs to go where. You didnt start a project and not finish it. Decorating a home is ongoing and doesn't have to be done within the first couple months of living there. Take some time to feel your space out and then you will know what would be the right fit. I dont have a lot of wall art up because I havent determined what would look best yet. Just remember its not a race to the finish!

Tanya said...

P.S. I dont think your main floor is too cluttered. (the top of the table you just put a bunch of stuff to see what would work but you aren't leaving it like that). I've been to your house so I know that it is very simplistic, clean and not busy at all because I've see the place at all angles.

You decide what is your style, no one else can. Some people like it too look like the place is a museum with no one living in it and some people feel at home with kids toys everywhere with clutter as cosy......there is no right or wrong when it comes to decorating your own house. The only wrong is doing what others say rather than what you feel looks/feels best in your space. What makes you feel comfy, homey and wonderful when you are in that space.

Rebeca said...

the last picture is a bit cluttered...

I would hang the paintings on the wall (aligned side by side, but with space in between them), and just leave the original bowl you had... i would remove all the extra vases, candle's etc.

I also agree that it's pretty cluttered. The mirror is there but you can't really look at yourself in it becuase of that white chair.

In my honest opinion, I think the white chair or the mirror must go.

Why am I here??? said...

Thanks for your input everyone. I think Tanya is right about it not being too crowded. Maybe it looks that way from the angle of the picture. That just means I'm going to make a video of it. The chair can't go b.c it's important for a couple of reasons a) I already bought it and spent a lot of money on it. b) it separates the living room/dining room. c) it increases the sitting space when we have guests over. It's a good reading chair (if I ever decide to take up reading).

The mirror makes the room look bigger. So I don't want to remove it either. But maybe I can simplify the space by not having so much junk on the table. NO MORE VASES....GOT IT!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Meh, the basement looks like you are using it for storage. Nothing wrong with that!