Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Of course it's cluttered

Sorry, I should have been more clear. 

In attempting to make the pictures on the wall look like they are at different heights I placed one on a paper towel roll and one on a toilet paper roll.  And the living room vase is on the buffet table sitting on top of a box of pop.  That was to show that I wanted a taller vase.

So just imagine 2 Chinese wall hangings and a vase in the corner.


Anonymous said...

Your house is coming together beautifully!
I think the buffet is perfect for the space.
On top, how about leaving the silver tray and adding a few candlestick holders in either silver or white and then putting green or purple candles on it?
I would put a cluster of three candlesticks in varying heights. Like these from Ikea.
or Ikea has some white candle sticks as well.
Just an idea!
Post what you decide to do, would love to see the final look.
Take care,
Your fan since the beginning of your journey.

Why am I here??? said...

Hello fan!

Thanks for this comment. How lovely ;) I love those candle holders, especially the picture of them on the dining room table (on the Ikea website). I never thought about putting candles on the buffet. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your art work is too small to hang like that over the buffet. I would suggest a large piece of art. I like the candle stick idea.