Monday, June 11, 2012

Money Dress

Apparently it's easy for me to spend A LOT of money on food but I find it quite difficult to spend money on myself for other things.  I don't pay a lot for haircuts.  I don't spend a lot of money on clothes or shoes.  And I don't wear/buy make up or pamper myself with salon services.

Subsequently this lifestyle was good for my bank account but bad for my self esteem.

I grew up with a family who lived a modest life.  I didn't see my mom spend a lot of money on things for herself.  She prided herself on being able to find deals at discount stores.  Why spend $40 on a white shirt from Gap (that doesn't even say gap on the outside) when you can buy the same one at Walmart for $10. 

These tendencies have carried over into my adult life.  Even though I lean more towards the nurture side in the nature vs. nurture debate, I don't want to place blame on my family for fostering these ideas. 

Now that I'm an adult I need to re-learn.  I NEED to teach myself that it's okay to pamper myself.  I NEED to not feel guilty for doing things for myself.

Take this past weekend for example:  I went shopping for an dress for a upcoming formal dinner event with the university president.  

I found a cute little blue dress with a black sweater that would look great with heels. 

Dress: $159, Sweater: $59

But I just couldn't justify the price so back on the rack it went.

Foolish or not?


Anonymous said...

Not Foolish! Don't go from one extreme to another. Only spend a lot of money on something you will wear often. My girlfriend is a CPU shopper, Cost Per Usage. That dress has a high CPU. You won't wear it often enough to justify the cost.

~Liz Arizona

Why am I here??? said...

LIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZ!!!!!!! Is this Korea Liz? I'm guessing there is only one Arizona Liz that reads my blog. You're the one who got me started on this thing back in 2005, remember?

Anyways, I'm guessing this is you b/c you're commenting on a fashion post. tehee!

Amyable said...

Keep the black sweater - it'll get more usage. I think you can find a better, more flattering dress for that price.

Why am I here??? said...

Yah the black sweater is nice but I didn't buy it either. I'm not sure I can find a more flattering dress. I tried on 5 or 6 and then just GAVE UP!

lr said...

the dress looks great! the colour and cut is flattering. BUT $159 is way too much for it.
maybe you could take pictures of it and get it made by a seamstress? might possibly be cheaper

Annie-Me said...

I'm pretty certain that you couldn't get a dress made for 159 including the price of the fabric plus the ornamentation. It costs like 15-20 bucks just to get a pair of pants hemmed.

Personally I like the dress. I would not likely pay more than 100 for a dress that I will wear often, I think this dress could be worn with or without the black cardigan. I'm sure you have a black cardigan in your dresser somewhere no? I think it is totally your color, and I don't think that it is rediculously priced beause I think it looks good on you. That being said, it seems like it's a bit long. You aren't in your 40s yet, so I think you can justify something that is just above the knee. If you did get a dress like this, I would not pair it with the sandals but would get a cute pair of black heels (chunky) that could be used with any number of outfits.

Anyway...I know how hard it is to shop for affordable clothes in SK and that I'm certain you will find something you like. Again, if you like something and it looks good on you, buy it because sometimes having ten things that look ok or kind of fit are not as good as 5 things that look fantastic.

Ameena said...

Being brought up a certain way has long lasting consequences...for example, I can never buy full-priced socks. I have to go to TJ Maxx, as per my dad! :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I don't know ... I spend a lot on clothing and shoes, so I would have bought it :-)