Thursday, June 14, 2012

The man who never stopped smiling ;)

See this guy:

Let's call him Gym Guy. 

His real name is Sung Hyun, but to my father he's Guy Guy.  He was made in Korea, but lives in Canada.  Mother-tongue Korean, current spoken language English.

When I first started dating Gym Guy he didn't tell me what he did for a living.  He was a tradesman --  a fabricator, a welder, a cutter.....

Well we didn't really know, SEE!

Then I married Gym Guy.  I got a job offer at a law firm in Korea the same day he got his Canadian visa.  We came to Canada.

Within a month, he got a manual labour job, that paid $18 an hour, shoveling metal in the middle of winter.  He did this for 6 months.  He hated it.  He quit, rented a booth at a local community college and practiced to get his Canadian welding certificate.  Because of the language barrier he knew he couldn't pass the written journeyman welding test.  So he went one step higher and challenged the specialized pipe welding test because there was no written component, only practical.

At the time, the failure rate for this specialized welding test was 80%.

He passed, the first time.

He returned home from the test with his newly acquired pocket-sized welding certificate.  This certificate became the golden ticket for any job he wanted. 

Now my husband makes fish skin welds for a living. 

I need to stop, take a step back and think of how far he's come.  Because in the beginning we were just two people who because of culture, family and language differences didn't think it would even be possible to carve out a life together.

And now, we're doing exactly that.

I love you Gym Guy!

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David said...

first class welding job. very nice indeed.