Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lessons from a Korean mother-in-law (part 6)

This is a post, in a series, dedicated to a mother-in-law that I deeply love and dearly miss.  All posts in this series are true events that happened to me.


My bright pink bra hung on a nail used to anchor a calendar into the wall in my mother-in-law's living room.  Right next to it, my underwear was delicately draped over the edge of the tall dark wardrobe that housed mom's portable bed.  Each personal garment placed around the tiny room with such precision that they could have passed for decorations at Christmas time.

Except the decorations were my bra and underwear, not tinsel and stockings.

If mom is air-drying my undergarments, then why isn't she using the drying rack? I thought to myself.

Sitting on the floor eating dinner that night Sung Hyun looked up at the bra on the wall.  "Mom, did you try on Jennifer's bra?" he asked aloud.


Glancing up from my bowl of rice I paused.

Mom grinned, put down her chopsticks and without hesitation placed both hands on her chest.  As she cupped her hands away from her chest, as if to demonstrated my bra on her body, she replied "WOOOOOOW, SO BIG!"

She smiled at me and Sung Hyun laughed.

"MOM!" I yelled.


Jacky said...

hahahaha. That's hilarious! I would have been mortified. She sounds really awesome.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

She is the funniest, ever. Love these posts about your MIL.

Anonymous said...

wow, i really like your attitude of seeing the positive side of things.

many women in your situation would be unable to see things the way you do and hence took offense to that.