Friday, June 01, 2012

Hello Mr. Food Budget...

...Yah, I'm talking to YOU!

YOU sneaky little bugger you.  

Want to know how much you cost me in the month of May?

Well, I kept track and crunched the numbers.

It's not pretty.

It's kind of scary actually.

Grocery bill = $784

Dinning out bill = $247

I had NO idea we were spending so much money on FOOD for TWO people.  Our total bill for the month of May was $1031. 

This will NOT happen again.  Mark my words!!!


Jacky said...

WOW!!! That's a lot of money on groceries. I don't pay attention to how much money I spend on groceries now. I used to when I needed to monitor my money. When I was in the grocery store, I'd debate over items: do I really need this? Will I eat it this week? Asking myself those questions helped me put some things back on the shelf.

Why am I here??? said...

Thanks for the tip Jacky....I WILL HAVE TO DO THIS FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE!!

Kimberly Lutz Beumel said...

That's a lot. We spend $550/month for 2 adults & 2 kids... I try to have $ amount I want to spend before going to the store-that way I'll think twice about splurging on an item that's not even on the list ...also a huge factor is how often you go grocery shopping..more you go, the more you'll spend..

Why am I here??? said...

Yah Kim, now I know that I've got to do something like that. I think that groceries are super cheap in the States compared to Canada.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I don't want to keep track of what we spend because I am sure I will be disgusted ... and cry.

Why am I here??? said...