Sunday, June 03, 2012

SSHRC Scholarship Thank You

In December 2011, I found out my application for the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Scholarship made it past the internal review board at my local university and was being forwarded to enter the National competition.  In that same letter from the university they notified me that I would find out the results in April or May.

April came and went and so did most of May.  I was bummed and the wait was difficult.   

Then my dad called me mid-afternoon on Wednesday, May 30th to tell me I got mail.  When I asked him what it was, he replied, "it's the one".

I had to teach in 15 minutes and I didn't want to blow off my lesson but I badly wanted to run over to my parents to pick up the letter.  

But I waited.....

...until my lesson was finished, until Sung Hyun came home from work, and until we picked up something for supper.

Then, I anxiously opened it in my parent's kitchen.  

And I found out I won.

It wouldn't be right to solely accept this scholarship without giving due thanks to those people involved in the entire process.  ALL of you, no matter how small, made a difference.  I want to take the time to acknowledge you now.

Krista (friend and fellow SSHRC recipient):  You were the one who told me about this scholarship.  You were the one who sat with me several times to talk about what was important to me.  You were the one who willingly read and re-read my proposal over and over.  Each time it got better and I have you to thank for pushing me to challenge myself.  I kept saying "If I get the SSHRC then..." and you always said "When you get the SSHRC then...".  You believed in me from the start!  Thank you.

Mom:  Thanks for reading over ALL drafts of my proposal and ensuring me what I wrote was great.  Every time I updated it, you gladly checked it again.  You knew I wouldn't be happy not putting in the best effort so thanks for holding my hand along the way.  And mom and dad, thanks for not getting mad when I took over your kitchen.  Sorry I was so difficult to live with at that time. 

Sung Hyun (my lover!):  I was grumpy.  I was tired.  But you understood that I was working hard.  Thanks for supporting me and telling me everything would be okay.  Thanks for asking me everyday in the month of May if I got the letter.  I know you were anxious because I was anxious.  

Lori & Ruth (former professor now friend and ESL supervisor):  Thanks for writing my reference letters.  You mush have said some powerful things in order to convince those big wigs in Ottawa to give me this award.

Ray (former high school classmate):  Thanks for sending copies of previous successful SSHRC applications to use as a reference.

Holly (SSHRC recipient):  Thanks for meeting with me over tea to talk about how to put together a good application package.

Heather #1 (fellow SSHRC recipient):  Thanks for sitting down with me and telling me to believe in myself.  You told me to give myself some credit for writing the curriculum for the ESL department and to put that in my list of publications.  Thanks for answering all my questions honestly.

Maria (SSHRC applicant and lover of Korea):  Thanks for offering to read my SSHRC proposal and telling me where it was weak.  I changed a lot after your feedback.

Uncle Howard, Auntie Heather, Kristin, Ellen, Tanya, Marion, Heather #2, Simone, Cheryl (family, friends, co-workers):  Thanks for reading my proposal and wishing me luck.  I needed that.

Chelsey (fellow SSHRC recipient):  Thanks for encouraging me while I waited.  You kept saying "don't worry, I'm sure you got it!".  

Andy Stubbs (professor at the university writing centre):  Thanks for directing my research interests and introducing me to Canadian studies.  You also professionally edited my 2 page proposal 3 different times.  I promised you a beer if my application was successful.

Jennifer Tupper (Dean of Education):  Thanks for sitting down with me in person and going over my first draft word for word.  That meant a lot from someone of your stature.

Andrea, Cindy, Ken (university professors and possible thesis advisers):  Thanks for inviting me into your office to look at my 2 page proposal and offer your expertise.

Jolene & blog commenters:  for sending positive vibes and writing nice comments on my blog.  Your words of kindness mean a lot to me.




What's next?  

I've learned a lot by going through this process and by talking to people.  In the next few weeks I want to share more information about what this award means to me and about the journey I took to get here.  I almost quit more than once.  I'd like to write about my struggles with believing in myself and my perseverance through this journey.  This up-coming post can apply to you if you are facing a difficult situation, whatever that may be.  

I'd also like to pass on my advice about how to apply for this scholarship so other Canadians can put together successful applications.  This is a National award so anyone attending a Canadian university can apply.  I learned a lot from fellow SSHRC recipients so I'd like to pay that forward and pass on some helpful tips that made my application stronger.  If I can help one person then I can make a difference!


rhiannon esposito said...

That is great!!! Whoo hoo!! Congrats!!!!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Awwww, I feel special that I got a thank you!!! Well you are very, very welcome, and I am super impressed that you got this scholarship!!!

*Krista* said...

Awww!! No need for the thanks, it was my pleasure! And I'm glad you got it - you are a much deserving recipient! Can't wait for your visit. We should chat this weekend about picking a date and place for camping. :)