Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lessons from a Korean mother-in-law (part 2)

I pulled out the blue Gatorade bottle that got pushed to the back of the fridge. The few sips that were left were hardly worth saving, but I knew the rules of the house: eat everything on your plate and don’t throw any food away.  Mom grew up during the Korea war.  Food was scarce.  Her family was poor.

Mom do you want to drink this?” I asked. 

She barely took her eyes off the T.V. fast enough to even know what I was talking about.  “NO” she said.

I opened the lid and proceeded to pour the blue liquid down the sink.  But first, I turned to look at mom.  I smiled widely.  I knew what would follow next. 

She bolted up from the floor and b-lined it to the kitchen sink.  “DON’T DO THAAAAT!”  Holding the bottle with two hands she gulped the liquid like she hadn’t had anything to drink for weeks.  “KAHHHH” she exclaimed, reacting to her first Gatorade experience.  Handing the bottle back to me she closed her fingers, made a fist and wacked me across my upper arm.  “Don’t throw it out”, she scoffed.

I had only pretended to pour the Gatorade down the sink.  I liked to bug her.

This is a post, in a series, dedicated to a mother-in-law that I deeply love and dearly miss.

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Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I hate throwing things out ... and do it way more than I would like to. I need a Korean mother-in-law to give me a good smack!