Friday, April 13, 2012

Stuff the VASE.....with my money

Help me decide how I should decorate my house because I'm having trouble deciding if I should put flowers in the vases:

Setting up house is expensive. I know it doesn't have to be. But we decided on a smaller more affordable place so that we can set it up to make it feel like home. And since my last post was about money let's talk about how ridiculously expensive home decor items can be.

Like these green orchids for example. Should I keep them or take them back. Does your mind change if I tell you those two stems cost $34?

My owl was the first home decor item. It was $45. I bought it at Anex (a local decor shop) The magnetic globe was the same price but it came from Chapters book store.

The long glass vase was $15 from Superstore. The metallic bookends were $10 a pop from Chapters. The gray hour glass was from HomeSense and it cost $15 (too bad I cracked it on the way home).

From left to right:

pink/purpleish orchid plus vase = $55 (Sung Hyun chipped it already ;(
orchids = $34 (for 2 stems)
green plant = $20 (from HomeSense)
metallic and white vase = $15 each (from Walmart)
purple flowers = $18 (HomeSense)

AND the large white vase with the purple/ metallic green leaves that inspired the colours for this room = $50 for the vase (that was the 50% off price) + $20 for the bunches of leaves.

I don't plan to add those numbers up and you don't have to do that for me.


Anonymous said...

Some of those things seem really expensive. I like the owl and the globe. And the metallic glass is really nice for just $15.

Other things are not so great.

$18 for flowers? $20 for a green plant? That's too much. I bet you can pretty plants for MUCH less somewhere else. $34 for the orchids? Nope, I wouldn't pay that.

I actually don't like the $50 vase at all and the $20 metallic leaves are ok but I don't love them.

Do you need these many vases anyway?

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Great purchases!! You are really good at decorating :-)

Why am I here??? said...

Thanks Jolene!

Yah, I know that the things in my house probably don't appeal to everyone. The $50 white vast is actually my kind of grew on me. Thanks for you honesty!

Foreigner Joy said...

If you think your house is small remember the size of houses in Korea. I would love to have what you have!

Anonymous said...

When do we get to see the second floor?!

Anonymous said...

Since you didn't seem to like the comment somebody made about the $50 vase, what are you really asking your readers? Do you want somebody to tell you it's ok to spend money on these things? It's your money; you can spend it if you want.

Or are you asking opinion about the pieces in particular? Or whether you should buy more of them?

I'm a bit confused.

Why am I here??? said...

I love all my comments and you're welcome to share your thoughts on my space. I wasn't sure if the 2 small vases should be filled with flowers.

Kimberly Lutz Beumel said...

Take the orchids back-it's too much.

Annie-Me said...

lol...drama. Ok...part of the joy of setting up house is searching for bargains. I personally wouldn't spend a dime on fake flowers because I think they look well fake. lol. I think it would be way better to get some real plants in your home....try a few sticks of bamboo in a glass jar with small stone pebbles from the dollar store, they look beautiful and are idiot proof in terms of taking care of them. You know how I feel about fake stuff (think--tree) but I actually do like the purple shit cuz it adds a splash of color and the big honking vase thingy is a bit of alright also.

That being said, 34 bucks = too much money for fake plants...but if you need to put somethin in the vase, I would keep looking around for something....pop on over to Michael's and see what they have...and if its 34 dont' buy it ;)

Your style is great....don't worry about spending a ton of money right away....a home takes a long time to decorate..n and if your comfortable spending that much....then all the power to ya :)

PS....Anonymous comments are weak when people feel the have to hide themselves.

Anonymous said...

You can buy real low-light plants for far less than that fake stuff. They'd look better and actually help the air in your home.

I cringe every time you refer to MY money, as if Sung Hyun makes no money at all, or you're roommates instead of husband and wife.

Why am I here??? said...

Yes, I'm thinking REAL flowers is a good idea.....or at least REAL plants. I can't keep the plants alive in my classroom so I'll have to get ones that require very little.

Sorry about the MY money anonymous. You make a good point. The MY in "stuff the vase with my money" was in relation to the reader (you) vs. the writer (me). Not vs. my husband and myself. "Stuff the vase with OUR money" sounded strange to me, even though my husband certainly contributes to our finances! Thanks, I'm going to make a post about this ;)

Jen said...

hmmm...what about just using greenery (I'm thinking potted herbs in a nice display tray/pot)?