Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On therapy and fears

Oh, boy!

I saw the therapist once.

It was great!  I haven't been back.  I haven't made time for myself.  I haven't made myself a priority.  I don't believe that I'm worth the time.

Then today I stumbled upon a video linked to my friends facebook.  It is ever so clear that this is exactly what I'm experiencing now.  Watch it:

Vulnerability, my biggest fear!  Oh how I'm missing out on so much great...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

It's me, Mel Strand...well, Mel Kidder now, lol.I haven't commented on your blog for awhile but I do read it from time to time.

That part of this video that struck me is when she said, "an ordinary life is not good enough....". Sometimes when I read through your blog I get the sense that you are not content with an ordinary life. That was a bit of an adjustment for me when I got back from Canada but now I love my "ordinary life". I work full time, I teach Zumba a couple days a week, I go to the gym, play on a softball team and spend as much time with my husband as possible when he is not at work (he still works out of town, which is the only part of my life that I don't love). Anyway, I just thought I would share that with you and maybe it will give you something to think about. "Ordinary" isn't so bad!

Take Care,


Why am I here??? said...

Hi Mel,

Thanks for popping in to say hi. Yes, I'm always searching for the extraordinary. And sometimes I just need to calm down and enjoy what I've got. I'm pretty lucky actually. I'm glad that you are so happy in Canada. Although I miss Korean I'm glad to be back. I think I need to start doing more things in the community. Maybe that will help combat some of my restlessness.

Cheers and keep commenting!