Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nothing special

This will be a random update of everything and nothing:

1.  I went to an out of town TESOL conference this past weekend.  It was fun!

2.  Starting Tuesday I will officially be cutting back my hours at work.  I got offered a permanent full-time position at RODS.  I accepted a permanent part-time position instead.  I know this is the right decision.  This will leave me with some time to 'figure things out'.

3.  I will start my 3rd grad class next week.  I enjoyed having a month off in between (eeeek! did time ever go by fast).  I finished my last class with a 91%, so I'm doing well in school.  

4.  I haven't finished decorating upstairs, but once I get that done I'll post some picture of what our bedroom/ guest room looks like.  

 In the mean time, here's a small peak at some wall art.  A couple paintings and mirrors have been added.  I'm getting shopped out.

5.  I have decided that I better start putting money into my RRSPs instead of into fake flowers for my house.  Those suckers cost a fortune......and yes, I kept the green orchids.

6.  My brother, the financial genius, came over to help me set up an online high interest savings account.   A guaranteed 1.8% is better than what my bank can offer me.  And this online bank has absolutely no fees.  So if you've got some extra money kicking around why don't you start one yourself at

7.  To kick off the end of our spending spree we each bought one thing.  A $27 hat for him and a $27 book for me.  Now to focus on saving....

8.  Remember said savings strategy?  Well, look how good that worked -- Joy was right!

Our saving jars are now tucked away under our sink.  I totally suck at making a plan and carrying through with it.  I'm thinking these jars would be of better use if they were stuffed with cookies and distributed to friends.

9.  In my quest to 'figure things out', I'm taking more time to think and ponder about what I want to get out of life.  Taking more time out for myself is something I need to start doing.  That is why I've decided to work the early shift from 8:00-11:30.  That leaves me with some time before I start my privates at 4:00 to do as I please.  

10.  I go through waves of good and bad as I try to navigate my way through my late 20's.  And it's tough.....But then I remember these wise words from my mom.  Enjoy!


Foreigner Joy said...

Well maybe the jars could still function. Maybe place them in different places around the house, so they can randomly remind you.

Otherwise..use them for fun!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Wise words :-)

Congrats on the job, and the great mark!