Thursday, April 12, 2012

New chair and thanks anonymous commenter

Living room update.

My new chair arrived. It's big like I expected, but looks even bigger since I was used to the room being so open. But at least it's comfortable.

Here is the room with the rug pulled out from under the sofa (sorry for the poor lighting):

Can you see I moved the 'cool' lamp a little to the right?

To compare -- rug under the sofa and lamp behind the record cabinet:!

I was trying to position the new chair. If the rug is under the sofa then one leg of the chair is on the rug. But if the rug is away from the sofa then all four legs of the chair sit on the hardwood.

See, the rug tucks nicely under that chair without the legs actually being on the rug.

And there is less dead space when the lamp is next to the record cabinet.

Tonight we purchased a buffet table that will go along the back wall. I was debating between a tall funky bookshelf or a fancy buffet table. The bookshelf would have dressed the room down. So I went with the fancier look. We got it at Sears Outlet. My dad saw it on Monday and said "yup, this is the one" but I couldn't buy the first one we saw. So we went other places and looked at more expensive furniture made of fake wood.

Finally I went back and got the first one. Dad, you were right! It was made of real wood and was marked down to $450 from $1300 because the bottom shelf was put on backwards (something Sung Hyun said he could fix!). I used my Sears card and points and paid $390 taxes in. I was happy with that!

So thanks to anonymous' comment in the last post. I will make the following changes:

1. I'll pull the sofa away from the window and wall (Sung Hyun won't like that idea because I talked about getting curtain which would require us to pull the sofa away from the window -- something he didn't want to do)

2. After I move the sofa away from the wall that should solve the outlet problem (especially if I move the record case a little further away from the sofa)

3. I'll move the things on the record case a little further away from one another.

Thanks anonymous!


Okay so the most obvious question after seeing these photos:

Rug -- under or out?


Anonymous said...

what about the second floor? I want to see!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Hmmm, rug under I think.