Sunday, April 08, 2012

My penis is bigger than your penis...Na, Nah, Nah, Na, Nah Na.....

This Couple A, couple B, my _____ is better than your _____ (insert whatever) could probably turn into a blog series. I'm trying to find humour in the frustration.


Last night Sung Hyun and I went to our Korean friend's house (couple A) for supper. We are connected with this Korean couple because I teach their two children and niece. We've grown close over the past year and Sung Hyun and I consider them to be our friends. We visit often.

There was another Korean couple at dinner last night (couple B). They are a year older than Sung Hyun. When Koreans get together, I find, it's a competition to see who is the best. Talk of Korea vs. Canada always comes up and I find myself trying to defend my country. Because Korean is ALWAYS better. In Korea the "cars are cheaper, in Korea you get a paid vacation plus a bonus, in Korea women don't have to work"....and on and on and on.

Now, I understand what it feels like to be in a different country and be frustrated with it. But never did I sit in front of a Korean and say "Canada is better because ...". I opened my heart up to Korean people. I made Korean friends. I made an effort to understand the culture, the people and even if I didn't agree with it, I listened. I spent a lot of money learning Korean. I knew that if I wanted to enjoy myself in Korea I had to get to know Korea. I'd have to get out of my comfort zone. SO I DID.

"So why don't you make Canadian friends?", I asked. "Because their mind is different than mine, they like football and I don't know about football" was his reply.


The more I think about what we talked about last night, the angrier I get. The Korean man prided himself in the fact that he has never cooked and his wife does everything for him. He prided himself in the fact that he doesn't want his wife to ever have to work (as if it was a slant to me for deciding to work). Everything about Canada was wrong.

Then I said "it must be so stressful to have such a big responsibility to earn a lot of your money to care for your family." Both the men agreed. Then I said to the women "it must be so hard to have to care for your children alone" and they agreed.

But both Korean families agreed that the Korean way was the right way.

Because in Canada women should only care for their babies and not work because it's not healthy for the children. Then I asked if it was healthy for the husband and wife relationship when the wife is sleeping in their children's bed and not with their husband.

Then I asked how they made time for sex.


Jacky said...

I'm shocked no one has commented on this post (well none posted as I write this). I can't understand why they would move to another country just to complain about it/make broad stereotypes. But then...I've seen it in the foreigner crowd, too...but never in front of Koreans.

What did they say about making time for sex? (I think the problem is 'resolved' in Korea and contributes to its booming sex industry.)

I'm so glad there are people in the world that agree with the idea of sharing responsibilities...I think it's a lot healthier for relationships. I hope you thanked Sung Hyun for not being as close-minded as those two families. ;-)

Why am I here??? said...

Yah, I thought more people would have something to say but thanks for taking the time to comment. There was an awkward silence and then one Korean man said "ONE TIME...." and I said "A WEEK" he said "A YEAR" then the other couple said "A MONTH"

Anyways it was interesting...I'm sure they left thinking, that the hell was that?

jacky said...

Was it couple a or b that said a year?...omg a year or month--that's horrible!!! (Unless the baby is in the 0-1 phase..then I can understand the once/mo. phase)

Annie-Me said...

one time a YEAR? WHAaaaaa? OMG that is insane. ok...I think because you are often surrounded by Koreans you may only see Koreans acting like this. However, the saying "keeping up with the Jones'" did not originate in Korea right? We see the same thing here, needing the newest of something. However many people do you know bought huge homes that they can't "really" afford but they bought them because that's what you do when you get older. I know a few that have done that for sure. As for complaining about Canada, I think it doesn't matter where you are, we will complain about this or that which we dislike about a place. In Korea, you didn't hear the complaining because you level of Korean wasn't high enough (likely). They come here and complain....because that's what people do. Us, you and I, as Canadians tend to get a little sensitive when people complain about Canada because we are proud to be Canadian. But lets be honest, there are really some great things in Korea that don't exist here. First, you don't have to cook at home, because it is so cheap to eat out, we got paid really well (some even better than others), we had excellent vacation time (again some more than others). But that was also because we were Foreigners. What about the long work hours? Did you mention something about that? They don't have to work 60-80 hrs a week or stay at work just because the boss happens to be there too. That's a huge difference....I could go on but alas...that would just be talking penis'.

Why am I here??? said...

Could A (our friends) said once a month. Their answers may have been a joke but I certainly didn't try to change the subject.