Monday, April 09, 2012

Our home

Our place is slowly coming together. Had we been wiser we would have set a budget for things, instead our motto seems to be "if you like it, buy it". And I'm turning into a house-a-holic; as in every time I'm out, I'm looking for something unique that would fit in our place. And we literally had to buy EVERYTHING since we didn't own very much.

But we saved our asses off and lived with 2 sets of in-laws for 2 years so we're treating ourselves. As for our style, well perhaps I should have hired an interior decorator, but we're just rollin' with it -- mixing Sung Hyun's likes with mine and compromising in the process.

So far it's been fun.

We are mixing modern with old. Is that even a style? The brown coffee table is an old record cabinet my grandpa made in the '60s. It's unique and vintage/ antique looking and I LOVE it in the mix. My mom almost "threw that old thing away"

We clearly need a wall hanging. I'm thinking of painting a picture of Seoul on a big canvas. My friend thinks I should hang some kind of abstract painting that ties in my colours -- purple and green. Still undecided about that one.

Okay I need your opinion: do you think our rug should be pulled out from under the sofa? It's tucked in about 3-4 inches?

On the right side of the rug we are bringing in an off-white (fake) leather arm chair. Now that I look at the space I'm actually thinking the chair will be too big. But it's custom ordered and arriving tomorrow. We shall see....

Today I was on the hunt for a buffet to go against the wall in the corner there. But my dad and I found a funky bookshelf/ display case. So now we don't know what to do. Maybe another blog vote?

Here's our kitchen -- with the orchid that Sung Hyun tipped over last night and now the glass is chipped. I scored a see through bar stool for our island today. Well I didn't score it, I paid for it.
kitchen table
2-tier coffee table. The top piece can be used as a side table but I like how they look when they are on top of one another.

'Tis da' house.

Thoughts on the rug -- pull out or leave tucked in?


Kendra said...

Ohhh I like! my interior designer friend told me that the rug should always go under the furniture. Bryce and I just custom ordered a painting for our house from a local artist. She posts some of her stuff on usedregina or you can google paintings by jane. You can get whatever color you want and our huge painting is only costing $240!

Why am I here??? said...

Thanks for the tip Kendra. Hey, does jane only do watercolour? I checked out her website....thanks

권투선수 에이미 [Amy] said...

Hey Jennifer,
Love, love, LOVE the wooden cabinet and those awesome overhanging lamp shades!!! As for a wall hanging, I'd definitely go for a picture of Seoul... perhaps get one of your own shots, a place or moment that's special to you two, and have it professional edited and enlarged. It'd be a great piece in that room!
Keep up with the new house, it's really beautiful looking -- LOVE the floors!

Anonymous said...

Love the overhanging lamp shades too! With three dogs in the house, however, those would last 10 seconds before they became chew toys.

And yes, rug goes under the sofa.

Why am I here??? said...

Thanks Amy. For some reason I didn't pay close attention to the hardwood but the more I stare at it the more I really like all the different details in the grain.

Thanks for the rug advice. My friend seemed to think it was out in front of the sofa. Good thing I can't have big dogs in this unit...hehe

Anonymous said...

I've done a lot of interior decorating and you really must remove the furniture from where it is touching the window pane. I know you feel you are tight on space, but you aren't THAT tight. Furniture should never be touching the walls or anything else. It's not good for the walls or your furniture. Also, please move the vintage record stand so that it's not touching the sofa. Again, furniture should not be touching. The decorating accessories on the the vintage table should also not be touching. 1-3 inches apart is ideal. It would also be ideal if you could position the record stand so that it's covering the electrical outlets. This room is magazine worthy, but in a magazine you would never see a rooms electrical outlets exposed. Other than those two critiques, this room is AMAZING. You and your husband have great taste. Love the coffee table and the rug positioning is perfect. The coffee table is called a "ghost table" due to it's clear styling. It may also be called "Nesting Ghost Tables". I also loved the picture of the pieces you positioned on the stairs (a few weeks ago, I believe). Very happy for you! You don't need a decorator, you have excellent instincts on this. Please post more pictures.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

That brown coffee table is AWESOME!!!!! And, I love your area rug. Gorgeous place :-)