Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This girl I know

See this lady:

She's an incredibly talented and smart individual. She's a great listener. A wonderful person with the biggest of hearts.

Upon completion of her Masters degree in (gasp) 2 months, she'll be moving to join her husband as they start their careers in counselling. This new job is 4 hours away.


I kind of hope she takes the next year to complete her thesis so that she stays here in the city. But, shhhhhhh don't tell ;)


Tanya said...

booo. it always sucks when good friends live far away. But on the bright side at least it's not a plane flight away. I have a friend who lives four hours away and we are still able to keep a close relationship!

*Krista* said...

AWWW!!!! You are wonderful Jenn! I will miss you too, but don't worry, we will have lots of visits between us coming to Regina and you and SH coming to visit us (and go camping!)

I'm so glad that I was able to become your friend and make a difference in your life, and you've definitely made a difference in mine! Much love! xoxo