Sunday, March 18, 2012

A peak into our place part 2

I'm starting to feel better, even though I'm still coughing. This sickness has lasted way too long. My body is actually craving exercise. The weather is nice that I can actually get out and go for a walk. I'll have to hang tight for a week at least. In the mean time, I know some of you have been asking for house photos. So here is sneak peak part II:

Our kitchen table finally arrived. 8 weeks later! Geesh!

Look at this little gem I found yesterday:

Our front entrance/T.V, it's 3D!
Open concept: The view from the living room to the kitchen
I'll never keep this clean!

What I didn't anticipate when living alone was how much pride I'd get from taking care of something that belongs to me. We love our new place!


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Nice place! Hey - that is an owl bookend! I got some for my sister for Christmas from Chapters :-)

Jacky said...

It looks gorgeous! I could never buy a 3D tv though. It hurts my eyes to watch with those glasses. 8 weeks is ridiculous, I would have called and complained--a lot.

Tanya said...

How was I not told when I was over that your tv was 3D, we would have watched a movie instead of studying hahaha. Also, after Jolene's comment, you better go back and get another one so you can have them on your bookshelf when you buy one ha.

Why am I here??? said...

Jolene, I had no idea it was a bookend but that would explain why it's so heavy ;) Maybe I should go back and get another one....haha. Tanya, next time you're over we can watch a 3D movie. Thanks Jacky....yes it kind of makes me dizzy too

Anonymous said...

3D messes with the mind (also give me headaches!) I am so not pro - can't wait until that fad dies away again. Place looks great Jen! I can't wait to visit. less than a month till home now :)

asiangarden said...

I know the feeling!!! I love it! We have a 3d tv too, isn't it neat?

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of 3D but every time I've gone to the theater to see a 3D movie, I come out with a huge headache and really, really nauseous.