Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Easy Money

About 4 weeks ago I brought my Oxford reader to work. We were doing a unit on crime so I figured I would read a chapter of the book to the students each day. The story was called The President's Murderer. At the end of each chapter there are a set of questions for the students to answer. These books are designed for ESL learners.

We finished the book after about a week and a half. The students got so involved in the story that they were disappointed with how it ended. Most of them were sad that they 'shot the innocent man'. I had them write an alternative ending for homework. They enjoyed this activity. I read a few of the endings out in class.

About a week later one of the students said aloud "teacher we miss when you read to us". I had no idea that they enjoyed the story so much. They asked me to continue this activity. That day during my lunch hour I walked to the downtown library and I was surprised to see a shelf of about 40 readers from various publishers, most notably Penguin and Oxford, for ESL students.
I picked up a few books for my class. Hidden on the shelf was a book titled Easy Money.

Recognize that face?

Authored by the popular television host Gail Vaz-Oxlade, this book talks about basic principles of saving and budgeting. How suiting given my most recent post! I picked up this book so I can start reading to Sung Hyun.

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*Krista* said...

He he! Jen, these things are NOT coincidental! I believe you were meant to find that book. How wonderful that it was there, just when you needed it! I think there's something you and Sung Hyun will gain from reading that book together! :)