Sunday, January 29, 2012

The verdict on the couch!

First off, thanks for all your votes. Sofa A was Sung Hyun's choice and he won with a total of 11 votes. My choice was B and most of you agreed that it would be more difficult to clean (I had 9 votes total).

So with the votes in mind, last weekend I headed back to the store (without my husband) with my mom and friend in tote.

And here's what they thought:

Sofa A is a better size. You can comfortably stretch out on it. Correction: you can stretch out on it. THIS SOFA IS NOT COMFORTABLE!!! AT ALL. Sung Hyun decided that comfort didn't matter and that I'd "get used to it". So with my mom and friend took the comfort test. And their verdict supported mine!!!!! Yah, I win......

........well not quite!

Sofa B was my favourite but my friend said that since the back pillows didn't attach to the back of the sofa so I'd be always reshaping them after every use. Plus this sofa, although it was way more comfortable than the other one, was not long enough.


So then after about 4 furniture stores later a lovely lady showed me this couch:

I wasn't sold on it. First off, it was about $1000 more than the previous two couches. Feeling defeated, we sat down and decided our next plan of action. Since my husband wasn't with me I couldn't really make a decision anyways.

Note the not impressed face above!

But then I realized that this couch was waaaaaay more comfortable than the other two. And I figured Sung Hyun would like it because it was more like his original choice.

Then the lady said I could customize the colour to make it more modern so she pulled out this swatch which was more like the sofa colour I liked.

My mom and friend thought it was too blue and they agreed that they liked the lighter colour. You can see the lighter colour behind the white flowered cushion (the darker swatch is on the right). It's more of a grey colour.

So the plan of action was to return the next day, husband in tote, and have him test out the couch and choose the colour. But he was sick and since the sale on the couch was finished on Monday I had to decide for myself.

So I returned to the store the next day and bought it! My husband said that since I bought the couch he gets to choose the bed set. I anticipate some bed set wars......stay tuned!


Foreigner Joy said...

Poor A and B...orphaned

Why am I here??? said...

I know! But I just checked the website and they are having a sale at that store so soon they'll have new owners!

Tanya said...

Yay!!! I'm glad I could help with this one. I hope your mom and my advice helped and you get an awesoem couch!