Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday weigh-in #26

The number was 161.0 today.

A lot of good things happened this semester. Letting my exercise and eating habits slip was not one of them. Still struggling to find balance in my all or nothing mentality. Thoughts on the weight gain? I appreciate honesty.....


nequila said...

You may wish to give the Dukan diet a try: it's quite simple and straight-forward, and the upside is that you're never hungry. However, sticking to it does require some self-discipline. But having started at a similar weight as you (153 lbs) six weeks ago, I'm already down 15 lbs, with just 10 more to go. So it's very doable.

P.S. I really enjoy your blog.

Hali said...

Not getting enough sleep has a huge effect on weight gain and so does stress!

Anonymous said...

That's a shame. You did such a great job losing the weight in the first place. I think it's important to always weigh yourself when you're under stress. That way if you see that you're gaining back too much weight, you can do something about it. I mean, gaining 3-4 lbs. is normal, I think, when you're under stress. But you should keep track of where your weight is (ESPECIALLY in moments of stress) so you don't let it get out of your hands.

You obviously know how to lose weight, because you did it before. So I guess it's a question of going back to those healthy habits that helped you lose the weight in the first place. It's probably annoying to have to start all over again, but what's the alternative?

Foreigner Joy said...

Thanks for moving the survey :)

You have been a busy girl and this means something had to be sacrificed. I don't know but if your schedule is balancing out I would try going back to your dieting and exercise routine. Otherwise life is an up and down thing, you know..time get back up!

Anonymous said...

Have you considered counseling to help you find balance?

Amyable said...

After yo-yo'ing throughout my 30's, I finally decided to go the lifestyle change route (instead of dieting). Being in healthcare, I KNEW how to lose weight and keep it off but didn't do the "work" required. Since I gained 3-5 lbs each year for the past decade or so, I decided to lose it at the same/similar pace. It has gone by a bit quicker thougth with me losing 15-20 lbs in this year one. All I'm doing is writing down all that I eat (and the calorie count) each day. I use an app called LoseIt (available online, Android and iPhone). I go by weekly calorie count so that I can "make" up throughout the week if I've had a bad day. In the last year, I think I've had perhaps 4-5 weeks where I've gone over my calorie count. Boy, it has been amazing how writing down what you eat has really helped. Oh, I picked up yoga too but that's the only "exercise" I've added. Otherwise, I've done things like parking on the highest floor of my parking garage and walking up/down, parking far away from the shop's front door when I go shopping, etc.

Why am I here??? said...

I've never heard of the Dukan diet...or maybe I have....I'm going to google it.

I think you're right Hali.....I am not getting enough sleep I know that for sure.

Yes right anonymous but I'm happy with all the other things I accomplished this semester. I totally rocked my grad class!!!

You're welcome Joy! I was afraid to get another comment from you...haha, joking!

No I have not even thought of counselling to work on my balance issues. But I have 2 good counselling friends that offer advice. That and it's like $120/ hour and I'm not about to pay that price!

I'm happy things are working well for you amyable. Those little things often make small but important differences.

Thanks for the comments everyone!

nequila said...

You may find this account of Marshall Brain's Dukan experience useful: Lots of good tips and concrete advice in there, and well-written to boot.