Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Someone asked about my decision to take the job at Regina Open Door over continue working at the University of Regina so I thought I'd share some of the reasons:

1. I was personally called at home by the Education director at RODS and asked to apply for this job.

2. I have worked for RODS in the past and the teaching environment among the staff members is phenomenal.

3. Since I was only teaching night classes at RODS I never got to be under the supervision of the Education director. She is FANTASTIC and if I want to be a good mentor one day then I'd like the experience of working for a good mentor (the university ESL department is in a transition period so there is only an acting head).

4. Immediately after I was called at home and asked to apply for the job I went to the university to talk with my boss about jeopardizing my position with the ESL department if I turned down my teaching assignment for 1 semester. She assured me it would not be a problem. And I'm protected by the URFA union agreement and would still have seniority over classes if I take less than 2 years off as a sessional.

4. The job are RODS lasts until May 23, 2012. It's a short assignment but I have been told other options will come up at that point. This is a really hard organization to get into. They have high standards for teachers.

5. The new spring/summer semester at the university starts at the beginning of May. The Education director at RODS said that if I wanted to leave the teaching position before the end of the term (May 23) so that I could teach at the university it wouldn't be a problem. They are very flexible.

6. I will get experience teaching a higher level ESL group at RODS. I work really well with the beginning level (CLB 1&2) and have been type-cast at the uni. so all my teaching assignments are the beginning level. I like that but I also need change.

7. The ESL department at the uni. just went through a major hiring process (5 tenure positions, 5 1-year contract positions). Due to the increase of the amount of permanent staff as the uni. the sessionals are presented with lower teaching hours. I've also been asked to leave my office to prepare room for the permanent staff.

I absolutely love the students at the university and I have no doubt that I will be back. This will just be a nice change of pace in the mean time. It also means that grad school is on the back burner for this semester because I was originally signed up for 2 night classes which I'll have to cut back to one. BOO to that! But I can't do everything all at once. I tried that last semester and even though I did well in school and work my social life was non existent. This semester I'd like to have a little FUN!

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