Thursday, November 17, 2011

A NOT so nice office friend

There are mice in my office at work. Lots of them! They got into my desk drawer and left a nasty surprise for me to clean up. They have been living in the walls. Two of them crawled into my coworkers computer, got their tale caught in the fan and fried. We smelled them the next morning. Occupational Health and Safety has inspected the office and found mouse faeces and urine all over the office including the books in the resource room. We first found their evidence 2 weeks ago.

I guess it's pretty serious. My coworker mentioned something about hantavirus, which apparently results in a 50% death rate. Ummmmm, yikes!

The health and safety inspector will be meeting with us on Friday and our boss has required us to attend this MANDATORY meeting.

Heebee jeebee!


Aaron McKenzie said...

Cats? Mousetraps? Poison? Exterminators? Short of torching the place, there's got to be some way to get rid of the little buggers. And, really, what's the health inspector going to suggest that your boss couldn't think up on his/her own?

Helena said...


asiangarden said...

GROSS!!!!! I hate mice!