Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm BACK!!!!!!

Want to know where the hell I've been?

I've been hiding under these papers. For the past month I have been dedicating EVERY free minute to researching and writing. Most nights I'm able to make it to bed before 2 am. Remember? The stack of papers above is a 2-page research proposal that has been edited, revised, re-printed, re-edited (x 100). Five professors have read it over, twice. It's been to the writing centre 3 times for a professional proof read. Five or so friends, coworkers, and family members have given me feedback on more than one occasion. My dear friend Krista has encouraged me through the entire process. I have put more than 100 hours into 2 pages. I almost gave up on more than 1 occasion. I've been consumed with this project for the last month. My husband has even backed away to allow me space to get it complete. I have had dreams of it. It's on my mind ALL THE TIME. These 2-pages will only count for 10% of the adjudication process (the other: 60% academics & 30% referees).

Tomorrow I will hand it over to my university department. A week later, it will get passed on to an internal committee. If I pass that step, then it goes to an external review panel. The final step is an adjudication process in Ottawa (capital of Canada for those non-Canadian readers). I will find out in May of 2012 if I have prepared a successful application. That's a loooooong time to wait.

I'm nervous as HELL!!!!


Tanya said...

Good Luck Jenbear!!!

Why am I here??? said...

Thanks friend!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. If the report is only 2 pages, why are there so many pages in the photo. And why did it take soooo long to write if it's only two pages?!

Why am I here??? said...

That's how many edits it's been through. It took that long b/c I had to research the current literature in the field so I could write a lit. review then propose a program of study. Every time it passed through a professor they had things to change. Because I got it edited so many time I had to make a lot of changes. I was advised by the grant writers to get as many people look at it as possible. I certainly tried my best!