Thursday, November 10, 2011


You may remember me RAVING about a unique condo in my city back when I was still living in Korea. No? Then, look here! I really WANTED this condo sooooo badly. I called my mom and was practically begging her to help me out. It was listed at $359,900 and actually sold for $339,900.

Well guess what? It's for sale again. It's a different unit but in the same building. AND I'm still in LOVE.

I'm in LOVE A LOT with THIS place. Seriously I've got such an emotional attachment to it and I have never even stepped inside. It's beyond cool. See for yourself:

AND............GUESS WHAT??!!!!

It's still too expensive!

List price: $389,900


Anonymous said...

ha :) nice fake out!

asiangarden said...

man! you had me!

Anonymous said...

updates, please!!