Tuesday, October 18, 2011

THIS is life!

Tonight was the first night I didn't work at my evening job. I know I'm going to miss the students but I will certainly grow to enjoy having evenings off with my husband.

The studious bunch!
Don't let this photo above fool you. Most of the time was spent laughing a joking around.

It's amazing how humour translates no matter what level of English you have. Body language and a big smile is all you need!

On my final day of English class my student Larissa, on the left, said to me: "Jennifer, this is life!" She was referring to people coming and going into their lives. And it's true. I looked at her, gave her a huge hug, made a promise to meet her for coffee in 1 year and replied, "Yes, Larissa, you are right. THIS is life!"

The fond memories will remain in my heart. I have no doubt that they'll remain in theirs too!

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