Saturday, September 24, 2011

THAT guy!

When I first started blogging about Sung Hyun, back in the day when we were a NEW couple, my dad would often ask "who is this 'gym guy' that you keep writing about on your blog?" He acquired this name because I met him at the gym and 'Sung Hyun', his real name, was too difficult to pronounce.

So Sung Hyun became gym guy. When we first came to Canada for a visit he introduced himself by his first name. He soon discovered that it was too difficult for people to pronounce so started telling everyone his English name was 'Gym Guy', not realizing that guy meant man.

He's kept this nickname ever since (but he now realizes it's a nickname and NOT an English name). Even his co-workers call him this. So last week, as a surprise, I ordered some special plates for his NEW car. They arrived yesterday:
"hey Gym Guy, your wife's on the phone!" my dad says. "What does she want?", he replies!

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Helena said...

LOL! That is awesome.