Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Regina Open Door

The evening class that I teach is at a non profit organization helping immigrants or temporary workers with basic English skills. And I teach the beginning level, just like I do at the university. It's a great job. My boss is WONDERFUL! The students are so FUN! The only downfall is that because these students have jobs and lives outside of their studies it's difficult for them to commit to attending class regularly. I may get a new student one day and then they won't come back for 3 weeks. Some times I'll have 10 students in my class and some times I'll have 2. It makes for extra planning and a whole lot of 'back-up' activities. But hey, as long as I can have fun doing what I love then I don't really care.

Today I brought in some realia to my classroom and we took pictures of us doing action verbs. I will print the pictures out tonight and bring them into class tomorrow to have the students write sentences about them. Posing with the different props made for a fun night.

We took our laughs outside of our classroom so we could get a few group shots. Here's the gang tonight:

Hardly smiling for the picture ;(
Then we continued the fun into the break and battled it out with a couple of arm wrestling matches. I won this one by the way!!


Hailey said...

On a completely unrelated note... lookin' slim and trim there girl! Most of all... HAPPY! Awesome work!

Tanya said...

You should teach me how to teach and i could be your teaching assistant ha.

Anonymous said...

no weight update? :(