Monday, September 05, 2011

The PILE vs. FILE system

Sung Hyun is a VERY neat and orderly person. He gets a paper, files it away. I remember making fun of him in Korea because every night he'd dump out his man bag and organize it. And me? I am NOT an organized person whatsoever!

This is something I NEED to work on considering my upcoming (intense teaching load/ first grad class) semester.

My system of organization is called the PILE system:

As you can see, I like to pile things in random places.

Sung Hyun's system of organization is called the FILE system:
In 5 seconds he can show me his first pay cheque, work contract, bank account information and the phone number of his English teacher.

DAMN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

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asiangarden said...

lol I also am a fan of the pile system...I pile's great.