Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Place!

No we haven't moved out on our own but we did have a basement remodel when it got flooded from all the winter snow. Don't remember? GO HERE to see the work in progress pictures. Basically it was gutted and rebuilt. My parents spent A LOT (to the sum of more than 20K) to get this basement stabilized and ready for the Asian Invasion. We were scrambling to get the work done before our Korean family arrived since they were planning on sleeping with us in the basement. On a side note, is this weird? After 6 months of sleeping RIGHT NEXT TO MY MOTHER-IN-LAW I totally do not mind sharing my space.
But since the family was not able to come because we got screwed over by a jack*ss travel agent who stole all our money (sorry this still upsets me at times) we did not get to share our space.

So instead I thought I'd share our new suite which we both LOVE and are happy to call our home.

It isn't the load that breaks you. It is how you carry it.

A very fitting birthday present from a good friend. It sits on my night table because I thought it was a good way to start and end my day!

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