Thursday, September 22, 2011

Funny Story

Here is my lovely group of students. I teach the VERY beginners and even though it requires a lot of work I really adore them. Tomorrow will mark 2 weeks (13 total) of classes together everyday for 15 hours a week.

(permission granted by students to put this picture on the internet)

Yesterday we were talking about cooking food. My little Chinese student said he likes to cook so he offered to bring in some Chinese food for the class. Today he came with about 20 dumplings to share.

You can probably guess where this is going.

Since the dumplings were made from pork none of the students could eat them because of their religious beliefs. Unfortunately for one student it was too late. I was out of the classroom at this point. He had already eaten one dumpling when he realized his mistake. The Chinese student pushed up his nose and puffed his cheeks to show what animal it came from. "THE PIG!" the student shrieked! I only caught a glimpse of him running to the bathroom so he could 'get rid of' what he had eaten.

I felt so bad. The Chinese student felt so bad. The Saudi students felt so bad. That's when, despite the language barrier, we talked about cultural differences.


Shelley said...

At Yasmine's birthday party the other day we had ordered some pizzas, a couple of margherita and one pepperoni and cheese. This was a room full of expats, so we knew having pork wouldn't be an issue and my husband had to go to work shortly after the party and was starving. He hates anything vegetarian. But I told him the other pizza had pork on it. He was like...well.... I smoke and drink occasionally. So he took a piece of pizza and about 30 seconds later I hear him say "This is fantastic!" He LOVES meat and I knew if he tried pork he'd love it..I mean bacon...pepperoni??? I think he felt a little guilty eating it, but he had a second piece!! LOL

Why am I here??? said...

hahahahaha that's a funny story. Glad he liked it. I suspect that the Saudi's here loosen up a bit once they have been in Canada for awhile. But this poor student has only been here for 3 weeks and I bet he was devastated when he found out what he had (accidentally) done!